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  • - Prepared by Ishanika Kurian

Restaurant app development plays a crucial role in the success of the food and beverage industry. With a focus on delivering a seamless and personalized experience, restaurant apps enable effective customer engagement. They also provide valuable insights into customer preferences and emerging trends, empowering restaurants to make informed decisions about their menu offerings. By tracking the popularity of each dish, restaurateurs can make adjustments to their menus, ensuring a delightful and enticing dining experience for all guests. Our restaurant app includes comprehensive features such as image and text ratings for dishes, detailed menus for each restaurant, and a location-based search functionality. Users can easily find nearby restaurants, filter their search based on specific dishes, cuisine types, or price ranges. This user-friendly app also allows restaurant owners and managers to register their establishments, create interactive menus, and gather customer reviews. Additionally, the app offers convenient reservation features for booking events or tables. Explore our portfolio to discover more about our successful projects in other domains as well.

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The Challenge

Our team faced the exciting challenge of developing a website that caters to both restaurant owners and customers, prioritizing user-friendliness. Here are some key aspects we tackled to ensure optimal functionality:

  1. Leveraging Elastic search Geo-location queries: We custom-built queries to fulfill complex elastic search requirements, enabling efficient search based on location and filters.
  2. Implementing Auto-correction for search keywords: We successfully integrated Elastic fuzzy search, enhancing search accuracy by identifying relevant web pages or documents even when search terms are not an exact match.
  3. Streamlining deployment with Beanstalk, node, and S3: We utilized Buddy Works to simplify project deployment, encompassing build, testing, and website deployment processes.
  4. Displaying diverse pin types on a single map: Our team created custom pins to overcome the challenge of showcasing different types of information on a map effectively.

Additionally, we addressed other demanding functionalities, such as:

  • Location sharing capabilities
  • Location-based search functionality
  • Integration of Google Place and Map API

iLeaf's Process



We discuss to ensure that we have the exact idea of what is required



There's regular interaction with the client to ensure things are on track



Begins according to the needs of our client



The final output will be a perfect match to our clients requirement

Our main goal is to ensure a user-friendly experience on our website while optimizing it for seamless project flow. Our website consists of two interfaces: Resto Partner App and Resto User App.The Resto Partner App serves as a user-friendly website for restaurant owners/managers. It allows them to register their restaurants, create and publish interactive menus, and collect customer reviews. The key functionalities we require in the Resto Partner App include sign up and login features, a landing page, restaurant and menu item creation, menu item listing, a review page, and an admin page.

On the other hand, the Resto User App is designed for public users to view and interact with the restaurants created in the partner app. This separate app enables logged-in users and general visitors to browse and add comments/reviews. Both the Resto Partner App and Resto User App share the same sign-in and sign-up system, allowing users to use the same credentials for both websites.

By structuring our website in this manner and incorporating essential features, we aim to enhance the user experience and ensure a smooth flow for our project.

The Result

Customer satisfaction is paramount in any business, and this holds especially true for restaurant owners. The happiness of their customers hinges on the quality of food and the overall dining experience they provide. When one of our clients aimed to go above and beyond to ensure the happiness of both their customers and restaurant managers, we gladly offered our assistance. Our platform was designed to enhance the dining experience by incorporating various convenient features on the website, saving time and effort for both regular and potential customers. Additionally, we didn't overlook the needs of restaurant owners and managers, ensuring they had complete control over their establishment through the user side of the website. Our team not only fulfilled our client's requirements but also added our own unique touches to the project by incorporating extra beneficial features. As a result, our client joined the ranks of our satisfied customers, adding to our ever-growing list of happy clientele.

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