Vlipus brings back communication the way it is supposed to be, face to face. It offers individuals, groups and organizations to easily talk, share, communicate, and collaborate with each other in real time but with the convenience of texting. Students and organizations alike will be able to communicate with each other like never before, sharing and collaborating on things and events which are happening in their organisations, classes, and the school as a whole. Students will be able to ask questions, know where the parties are, know where a particular food truck is, or simply give a friend a shout-out. We can’t give it all away yet. We welcome you to join the Vlipus revolution and make real conversations with your family and friends.


  • We can initiate development process at the hour of your convenience
  • Discussion on the projects can be held for a stipulated duration
  • We will sign NDA and the talks will be secured
  • We’ll show you around our cherished designs
  • Briefing on technology
  • Guaranteed source code delivery
  • Option to re-start a closed venture

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