IoT solutions

  • Posted on June 26, 2023


We provide innovative IoT solutions to help customers master critical moments and simplify digital transformation. Above all, we enable customers to develop solutions that address today's most critical issues and accelerate corporate success.

Current Business Problems

Many businesses today face a variety of challenges that can impact their bottom line, including inefficient workflows, equipment downtime, and rising operational costs. These challenges includes:

  • Outdated Technology
  • Manual Processes
  • Lack of Real-Time data

Our Solutions

We offer a comprehensive suite of IoT offerings, including IoT strategy consulting, IoT device design and development, and IoT platform development and integration. These offerings are designed to help businesses transform their operations, optimize processes, and enhance customer experience by leveraging the power of IoT technology. This includes:

  • IoT Strategy Consulting
  • Device Design and Development
  • Platform Development and Integration
  • Analytics and Insights
  • Security and Compliance

Environment Monitoring Services

In the context of environment monitoring services, IoT technology can be used to collect data on a range of environmental parameters and transmit that data in real-time to remote servers or other devices for analysis and processing.

  • Air-quality monitoring
  • Water Quality checks
  • Tracking weather conditions
  • Monitoring soil quality and health
  • Wildlife Movement tracker

Remote Control

IoT technology enables remote control of devices, systems, or equipment, enhancing efficiency and convenience while reducing the need for human intervention.

  • Smart Home Automation
  • Industrial Automation
  • Vehicle Automation
  • Healthcare IoT

Our IoT Consulting Services

By providing these services, iLeaf Solutions can help businesses unlock the potential of IoT technology and achieve their goals, whether that be improving operational efficiency, enhancing customer experiences, or creating new revenue streams.

  • Strategy development
  • Technical evaluation
  • Architecture design
  • Implementation and integration
  • Security and privacy
  • Performance optimization
  • Training and support

iLeaf’s Smart IoT Solutions

We have an IoT solution that is a highly secure smart home mobile app for homeowners and commercial insurance with smart, in-home solutions.

  1. It lets you set up and stay informed about the status of your IoT Devices. Get sensor alerts directly to smartphones
  2. It has an end-to-end service designed for commercial carriers that immediately alerts policyholders to water leaks, extreme temperatures and smoke alarm alerts.
  3. It bundles property insurance with complete home protection.

Our Smart Health Tracker Solutions

Our latest discussion includes a case of a Smart IoT Blood pressure tracker that is wearable. We had come up with a solution after an immense R&D.The client needed a device that is compact and wearable to track blood pressure and heart rate. Our design exceeded the client's expectations and made an impression on the current market products.

  • Compact
  • Aesthetic
  • Above the industry benchmark

Why iLeaf Solutions ?

Clients rely on our technology, services, and experience to assist them through every step of the IoT journey towards a more connected and smarter future.

  1. Cost effective
  2. Manage
  3. Secure
  4. Analyze







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