Integrated AI & ML Solutions for the Black Gold Industry


Oil and Gas are vital to many industries. It has become a necessary factor for the maintenance of many industrial activities, making it an area of critical concern to many nations worldwide. There are many problems that this industry faces. Technology has changed the face of everything we know, including such industries. Modern technologies like Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning can make a great impact on industries like Oil and Gas which have been in existence for centuries.

We at iLeaf realized this when our team put their knowledge in AI & ML to practice when we did a project FDG-Joyn. This is basically a system that lets the workers in the oil fields gather and manage the data of the oil wells and tanks. We built this system in a way that it needs a validation process that works on both online and offline activity. This being a critical industry, the risks of working with it were very high. Our challenge was to integrate modern technologies like AI & ML into an industry where the slightest error could cause a major problem. The team had to ensure a high level of accuracy. It was a matter of huge data being collected with the utmost accuracy.

We created an app with both AI and ML. The main role of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning comes into practice in the field of validation. The oil levels in the wells or tanks once validated need to be auto-managed as their data are dependent on the data collected on the previous day and its related value. Machine learning is needed on mobile devices as the collected data needs to be checked on the servers for data collectivity and data accuracy. Accuracy helps build credibility and that’s exactly what Team iLeaf strives for.