Email Privacy – Is It There Anymore?


Email privacy complete details

What do you do when your email privacy is at stake? It’s a question haunting almost everyone we meet today.  When the email was getting commercialized, we were all enthralled by it. The ordinary postal system gradually began to fade away. However, in the recent past, we noticed that we are getting additional information about something mentioned in our mail, in the form of advertisements from external sources. Our initial happiness of getting email content-related information slowly started vanishing with the realization that our emails are no longer private. Our emails are prone to the disclosure of content. Although there are claims by service providers that all emails sent using their mail services are encrypted, the hard fact is that our emails are being read by unintended recipients, whether we like it or not.

When a dear client from the US raised his concern about email privacy and said he would like to do something about it, we were only too happy to help. After all, it’s a very serious concern that we all are facing today.  Our team came up with the suggestion of mail encryption but the challenge for us was how to do it. There are many mail encryption software available in the market today. So we had to do something different and something more interesting for our client.

The brainstorming session began and together we decided to do it with a UTF encryption using the Cipher method. This method employs a kind of Polyalphabetic substitution. The team’s efforts proved successful. When mail providers like Gmail and Yahoo etc, try to fish out contents from your mail, they will only get a set of jumbled-up words/codes. Your mail will remain safe from the prying eyes of these email giants. Through this method, our team built a Web – browser plug-in as well as a Mobile App. Our happy client can now send a secure mail from his desktop, laptop, or mobile, which can easily be decrypted by the receiver. All that needs to be done is to install our app. Security + Privacy intact mails = Happy client.