Creating Responsive React Native Apps: Ensuring Compatibility Across All Devices | iLeaf Solutions

  • Posted on June 13, 2022
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  • by Varunika Panicker

React Native is an exceptional mobile framework that empowers developers to create high-quality mobile applications that are virtually indistinguishable from those built using Objective-C or Java. Whether you are a web developer or a mobile developer, React Native enables you to swiftly build visually appealing apps without encountering excessive complexities. This framework leverages the same fundamental user interface (UI) components utilized in regular iOS and Android applications, but allows you to assemble them using JavaScript and React.

One of the major challenges in mobile app development lies in dynamically styling the UI to cater to the wide range of mobile screen sizes available. It becomes impractical to set absolute styling for each and every screen variation, even with the assistance of Flexbox for layout. In order to address this issue, I have devised a simple, easily replicable, and performance-oriented solution.

  • For making the app dynamic first develop the design for particular screen size and make use of this screen size as the basic height and width.
  • Create a new class and name it NormalizeSize.js
  • After that create a new Metrics.js file where you specify all the dimensions.
  • And in your stylesheet add the button height as a normalized one.

That’s all, now you can run this on different screen sizes!!!!!



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