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Social Media App to enhance blogging


The app is a  friendly and unique social networking platform that promotes users to create blogs on different topics. Users can create and share blogs by adding photos, videos, collages, texts in one single post. It also comes with rich features like chat, image, and video editing options which enhances the blogging experience. We are the leading web and mobile social media app developers in US and UK. We were able to provide similar services to some countries in Europe. To know more please go through our portfolio

Key Features :
  • Blogs with rich content like images, videos, collages, YouTube videos and texts and more!
  • Unique explore feeds tailored for each user.
  • Image, Video filters with editing options and filters.
  • User / location tagging on images and texts.
  • Paid content sharing across linked accounts.

The Challenge

Our client wanted to make the blogging experience unique and rich for each user by adding some exciting features to the app, and we made them into a reality!

Some of the interesting and challenging features in the app.

  1. Showing an explore feed which is unique for each user. It should display contents which a user has not viewed previously.
  2. Variable editing and filter options on images for users to undo and redo any filter at any time of the blog creation process.
  3. Make the paid content purchased by a user available across his linked accounts under conditions. (eg: Family Plan)
  4. Connect users in the app in more interactive ways.
  5. Recreating user tags exactly on the same position of an image across devices with varying screen sizes.

iLeaf’s Process


We discuss to ensure that we have the exact idea of what is required


There's regular interaction with the client to ensure things are on track


Begins according to the needs of our client


The final output will be a perfect match to our clients requirement

Our Strategy & Solution

Unique Algorithm for showing un-seen content in the feed

A unique algorithm was developed after several brainstorming sessions with teams to make the explore section to show unseen content to each user.

Contents which satisfy the algorithm will be shown to a user and are tracked from the app side as well as backend. Only once the user views all un-seen content in the feed, it starts looping.


A tailored and unique experience for each user making app interaction much more fun!!!

Proxy Filters For Images

An image may be subjected to multiple filters at any given moment during the blog creation process. 

In order to make a filter reverse or undo at any time, we introduced the concept of the proxy filter which saves all filter information of an image on a proxy filter throughout the process. 

Once a particular filter on an image needs modification, all other proxy filters are applied to the image, and the processed image is shown to the user except the currently editing filter. The current applied filter values are actively applied again on the image by user in the current session.


Hassle-free editing options !. Users can modify or reverse any filter or multiple filters on images at any time throughout the blog creation process.

Account Linking for Sharing Paid Content

We introduced an account-linking approach within the app to allow users to share paid content. One user could purchase and share the content with the accounts linked to his account, but with several conditions.

This increased the app popularity among the family users since they could share the paid content with their family. 

User & Location Tags with Push Notifications For Added Fun and Connectivity

User and location tags with auto suggestions were introduced in the app on images and text contents to make the blogging more connective among users.

Push Notifications were also sent to users on all events which revolve around them.


Happy Users!  They felt more connected and made blogging experience more enjoyable! 

Coordinate and Per Pixel Calculation

The app uses a particular algorithm to identify the accurate pixel via coordinate calculation technology on images when user tags are added on them. 

This information is stored in the backend, which helps to re-identify the accurate pixel on the image irrespective of the device with any screen size!

The Result

iLeaf was able to overcome these challenges and update the app in just 3 weeks, which made the client super excited and impressed! 

Now the app is packed with the new trending features and is much more enjoyable and exciting for users!

Technology Stack Used

– Swift / Objective C

– Laravel PHP

– My SQL

– Github

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