Revolutionizing Rental Experiences: How iLeaf Solutions Cutting-Edge Renting App Transforms the Market

  • Mobile Application
  • - Prepared by Inika Jayaraj

Our dedicated team of web and mobile app developers successfully completed the development of a house renting app. This unique application facilitates direct connections between university students and private landlords, offering a secure, user-friendly, and visually appealing mobile experience. To explore our extensive portfolio of latest projects, please visit our website. Through thorough market research, we identified the growing potential of the house renting app concept. To ensure its popularity, we focused on incorporating standout features that differentiate our app from others in the market. Following meticulous design and UI finalization, our skilled developers utilized cutting-edge technologies to code and refine each module of the app. The result is a flawless house renting app that has garnered immense success and positive user feedback. Trust our experienced team of web and mobile app developers to deliver exceptional solutions for your needs.

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The Challenge


Build a robust mobile application addressing common challenges in house renting, such as disputes over amenities, deposits, and tenant liability. Our team aims to connect university students with private landlords seamlessly. Key objectives include managing user types for students and landlords within a single app, implementing a secure document verification system for landlords, enabling home posting with location, description, pricing, amenities, and images, listing homes based on user location, efficient handling of student requests and landlord responses, effective management of rent agreements with validity details, integrating a reliable payment system for tenant occupancy, implementing a rating system for students and landlords, and establishing a reliable communication channel between both parties. Trust our expertise in delivering a highly functional and user-friendly solution for efficient house renting experiences.

iLeaf's Process



We discuss to ensure that we have the exact idea of what is required



There's regular interaction with the client to ensure things are on track



Begins according to the needs of our client



The final output will be a perfect match to our clients requirement


To address the outlined objectives, our team chose to develop the mobile application on native Android, prioritizing a seamless user experience. The app's simplicity belies its ability to effectively address the concerns of both tenants and landlords. A user verification process was implemented, requiring mandatory email and document verifications for landlords to publish their homes. Landlords' verification status is determined by combining their document and email verification statuses, with admin verification required for changing the status. University student tenants' information, including their university email IDs, is stored in the database and verified by the admin. Verified students can then request homes from a list of nearby options. For tenant-landlord communication and group chats, we integrated the QuickBlox chat service, customizing it to suit our requirements. To streamline the sign-in process, a unique QuickBlox ID is generated on the backend immediately after user registration. Upon entering the chat screen, students/tenants are assigned a common password and unique QuickBlox ID, facilitating their login to the chat account. This enables one-to-one and group chats between tenants and landlords. While the chat SDK lacks built-in encryption support, we implemented a custom encryption algorithm to ensure data security. Trust our team to deliver a robust and secure mobile application solution that meets all your house renting needs.

The Result

Our team successfully implemented an efficient verification process, incorporating document and email verifications. With the support of Firebase Push Notification Service, we enabled seamless home publishing, home requests, and acceptance notifications. The integration of the Stripe payment gateway streamlined the payment flow for future transactions. Through a customized QuickBlox chat feature, students can directly communicate with landlords and engage in group discussions. For smooth project collaboration and communication, we utilized email and Skype. Our technology stack for this project included Native Android, Firebase services, and the Stripe Payment Gateway. Trust our expertise in delivering a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for your house renting needs.

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