Revolutionizing Education: Next-Generation E-Learning for Success

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  • - Prepared by Zivitha Menon

Discover the transformative potential of mobile applications in the realm of learning. With diverse applications ranging from entertainment to healthcare, mobile apps have revolutionized the way we access information and connect with users. Now, iLeaf introduces an innovative E-Learning mobile application designed to address the challenges faced by students in utilizing their e-learning tools effectively. Seamlessly accessible on mobile devices and tablets, this app empowers students to engage with course materials anytime, anywhere. Stay organized with features like coursework tracking and schedule updates, while customizable viewing and study tools enhance the learning experience. Developed for both iOS and Android platforms, our client-driven approach ensures success in delivering unique and effective e-learning solutions. Experience the future of education with iLeaf's mobile application.

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The Challenge

To develop a high-performance mobile application for an e-learning platform, we were presented with the challenge of surpassing the smoothness and speed of the parent website, which is built using Shopify and WordPress. Our objective was to enhance the user experience by incorporating modern e-learning features not available on the website. Our key goals were to improve loading speed and overall performance by efficiently transferring existing course data to a new table within the application. Additionally, we aimed to enable offline and online access to courses, implement user-based course progression tracking, resume course videos from the last viewed timestamp, and seamlessly track and manage assessments. Upon successful completion of a course, users would receive a digital course completion certificate that can be instantly downloaded within the mobile application. Our comprehensive mobile solution seeks to attract both existing e-learners and new users, showcasing the enhanced features and capabilities of our application.

iLeaf's Process



We discuss to ensure that we have the exact idea of what is required



There's regular interaction with the client to ensure things are on track



Begins according to the needs of our client



The final output will be a perfect match to our clients requirement

In order to achieve our objectives for the mobile application, our team opted to develop it using Flutter, a versatile framework. Our primary focus was on delivering a user-friendly experience, emphasizing speed and smoothness. By ensuring a seamless and efficient user interface, we aimed to enhance user engagement and retention. To address our first objective, we utilized Cron to extract extensive course data from Shopify, enabling us to optimize course categorization, list filtering, and overall efficiency. This approach significantly improved the loading speed of the application compared to the native Shopify listing API.

Additionally, we employed Webhooks API to overcome the challenge of delayed course visibility when our client uploaded new courses. With Webhooks, the synchronization of newly uploaded courses to our tables occurred within seconds, eliminating any delays for users.Given our development in Flutter, we encountered a hurdle due to the lack of available SDK support for certain SDKs in the Flutter ecosystem. Notably, our client employed Crisp for customer service support, which only provided native SDKs for iOS and Android. To address this, we successfully developed a Flutter plugin for Crisp, ensuring seamless integration within our application.

Our team also focused on comprehensive course management. While the course contents were already available on the website through video and document URLs, we aimed to provide a feature-rich experience comparable to other e-learning apps. We customized the course tables by loading content from Shopify to our custom tables, enabling users to download complete courses. Asynchronous downloading of course content was implemented, with a model tracking time duration and course progression. Users' video progress would be recorded in the model, stored locally, and periodically synchronized with our server every five minutes, allowing us to track course progression both online and offline.

Moreover, we developed a course assessment component with questions tailored to the enrolled course. Each question had a specific time limit, scoring users for correct answers while deducting points for incorrect responses. Successful completion of the course required achieving a minimum score. Users who failed the assessment were prompted to retake the course. Upon completion, users received a digital course completion certificate, instantly downloadable within the application.The technologies employed in our development process included PHP, WordPress, Shopify, Flutter, Stripe for payment integration, and Crisp for customer support.

By combining these robust technologies and implementing user-centric features, our mobile application aims to provide a highly efficient and engaging e-learning experience.

The Result

Enhanced Mobile Learning Experience: Our team successfully developed a cleaner, smoother, and faster e-learning application, revolutionizing the way users engage with the platform. With the introduction of mobile accessibility, both existing and new users can seamlessly learn on-the-go, breaking free from the constraints of desktop learning.

Effortless Course Management: By enabling offline course downloads, users can conveniently track their progress and access course materials even without an internet connection. This added functionality attracted a surge of registrations, expanding our user base and fostering a thriving e-learning community. The inclusion of video resume capability ensures that users can effortlessly resume their courses at any time, with their progress seamlessly synchronized across devices.

Instant Certification and Social Recognition: Our application offers the unique feature of instantly generating course completion certificates. Users can proudly showcase their achievements by instantly publishing their certificates on popular social media platforms, solidifying their status as qualified professionals. This gamification element significantly enhanced user engagement and satisfaction. Moreover, the improved analytics and user experience garnered positive feedback from both our client and the user community, leading to overall happiness and success.

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