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Restaurant App development is one of the most important aspects of any F & B industry. By providing a user-friendly and contextualized experience, restaurant apps can help restaurants to engage with their customers more effectively. In addition to this, they can also provide insights into customer preferences and trends so as to make better decisions about what dishes to serve next. Moreover, by tracking how popular each dish is (and thus understanding which ones are performing well), restaurateurs can tweak their menus accordingly – ensuring that every meal remains both exciting and delicious for all guests! The app includes image and text ratings for each dish and a list of menu items for each restaurant. Users can select their location and find restaurants that are close to them. The app also offers a filter for finding restaurants with specific dishes, types of cuisine, or price ranges. It is a user-friendly Restaurant Application in which the owner/managers can register their restaurant, create and publish interactive menus and collect reviews from their customers. The website also includes a feature in which Customers can search restaurants, view the restaurant menus, and provide dish-specific reviews through the developed website that can be viewed by other users. This Restaurant App Development also includes reservation features to book an event or a table. Please view our PORTFOLIO to know more about similar projects.

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The Challenge

The team had the challenge of building a website that can be of utmost use to the owners and at the same time be very user-friendly to the restaurant’s customers. 1. Elastic search Geo-location queries Due to the complex elastic search requirement of the project, we build some custom queries to fulfill the elastic search based on Geo-location and search filters. 2. Auto-correction of the search keywords We were able to resolve this issue by Elastic fuzzy search. It’s a process that locates web pages or documents that may be relevant to a search argument even though it seems that the argument does not correspond exactly to the desired information 3. Beanstalk deployment of node and S3 development of reactJs Project deployment is handled via Buddy Works to reduce the deployment hurdles. It was used to build, test and deploy the website. 4. Show different types of pins on the same map. This issue is resolved by custom-built pins inside the maps Some of the other functionalities that were challenging were the implementation of 1. Location sharing 2. Search based on location 3. Google place and map API

iLeaf's Process


We discuss to ensure that we have the exact idea of what is required


There's regular interaction with the client to ensure things are on track


Begins according to the needs of our client


The final output will be a perfect match to our clients requirement

The primary objective is to provide a user-friendly experience. The website needs to be optimized for the smooth flow of the project. The website has two interfaces-: 1. Resto Partner App- Each restaurant will by default have an admin user (can be the owner, the manager, or any other employee of the restaurant) who manages the site for the partner. The Resto partner UI is a website for restaurant owners/managers where they can register their restaurant, create and publish interactive menus and collect reviews from their customers. Major functionalities we required in Resto Partner are-: Sign Up and Login Landing Page Restaurant Creation Menu Item Creation Listing the Menu item Review Page Admin Page 2. Resto user app – Using the resto partner app, admin or normal users can set up/ create a resto. But we need to present this somewhere to public users. For this, we are using the Resto User App. Resto user app is a separate app where public users /logged-in users can view the resto created in the partner app and can add comments/ reviews etc. The sign-in and sign-up are common for both partner and user apps. The user can log in using the same credentials on both websites. (same backend)

The Result

It is important to keep your customers happy, no matter what the business is. For a restaurant owner the customer’s happiness depends on the food and ambiance that the owners provide. But when one of our clients decided to go one step further to provide happiness to its customers as well as the managers of his restaurant, we were only too happy to help. We provided a platform where the dining experience was made more convenient to the customers with the help of some of the features that we included on the website. It saves a lot of time and effort for all regular as well as prospective customers of the restaurant We didn’t forget to add some features to make the life of the owners/managers of the restaurant easier. The user side of the website only ensured that the owner had full control over what was happening at his restaurant. From our side, the Team did what our client wanted and added our personal touch to the whole project by adding a few additional and beneficial features to our client’s existing needs. The result is one more happy client to our list of happy customers

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