Boosting Online Sales: How our E-Commerce App Development Strategy Transformed Business Growth

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  • - Prepared by Inika Jayaraj

Discover how our top-rated web and mobile E-Commerce app development services can help your leading specialty retail company expand its customer base, enhance brand equity, and boost revenue through mobile apps. Explore our impressive portfolio to learn more about our recent projects. With the growing popularity of online shopping, the demand for user-friendly eCommerce apps has skyrocketed. Whether you're a startup or an established retailer, we are here to assist you in taking your sales efforts mobile. As a trusted E-Commerce app development company in the US and UK, we possess extensive experience and a proven track record of customer satisfaction. Our expertise spans across the development of three app types: desktop apps, mobile apps, and hybrid apps. Desktop apps are designed for desktop computers, while mobile apps are tailored for mobile devices. Hybrid apps offer cross-platform functionality for both mobile devices and desktop computers.

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The Challenge

Developing an e-commerce mobile app presents a range of unique challenges. Our team tackled various obstacles, including optimizing loading speed and data consumption, migrating the database to an AWS server, ensuring robust data security, and implementing a multi-vendor solution. Our primary goal was to create a mobile web store solution specifically for native iOS platforms. Additionally, we were tasked with incorporating new features like wishlists and event details, which were not available on the website. Our team successfully executed the migration process while focusing on enhancing server speed and API response time.

iLeaf's Process



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To achieve our objectives and deliver an exceptional mobile web store solution, our dedicated team undertook a comprehensive process. This involved designing, developing, testing, and deploying a cutting-edge mobile application specifically tailored for iOS devices such as mobile phones and iPods. We went the extra mile by incorporating additional features, such as a wish list, which were not initially available on the website.One crucial aspect of our project was building the database schema. We meticulously converted schemas to ensure seamless compatibility with the new database, while ensuring that the existing website remained unaffected by these changes. Additionally, we successfully migrated and transformed data using an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tool, while continuously validating and repairing data to ensure accuracy and compliance.

To optimize the app's performance, we focused on reducing the number of API calls, thereby minimizing data consumption and power requirements. We also optimized API responses to enhance efficiency and ensure a seamless user experience. Furthermore, we made significant updates to the database structure to implement a multi-vendor system, incorporating ample optimization and normalization to ensure smooth functionality.

Data security was a top priority for us, and we configured AWS services with custom keys to protect user data. These keys and usage policies were securely stored in highly encrypted storage provided by AWS.Throughout the project, we leveraged various technologies, including Python with Django framework, AWS services, Apache Solr, and iOS development using Swift. Our team's expertise in these technologies enabled us to deliver an exceptional mobile app solution that met and exceeded our client's expectations.

The Result

The outcome of our efforts was a seamlessly functioning and highly optimized mobile application that caters to both existing and new users. With the latest update, vendors can now easily register and sell their products through the system.Our enhanced mobile app empowers users to engage with sellers by asking product-related questions and providing ratings. This interactive feature has attracted a significant influx of new users, leading to an expanded user base and increased profitability for our esteemed client.

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