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  • - Prepared by Ishanika Kurian

Tap into the Growing Blogging Trend with a Powerful Social Media App

In the realm of blogging, capturing and expressing thoughts and experiences on diverse topics is gaining significant traction. However, many individuals encounter hurdles in generating high-quality articles due to time constraints or limited knowledge about their chosen subjects. To achieve blogging success, an effective social media app becomes essential, and leading options like Hootsuite and Sprout Social are here to assist. These popular apps empower users to effortlessly manage posts, track analytics, schedule content, and more. Moreover, they offer instant publishing features that enable quick content sharing without extensive editing processes.

Discover the Unique and User-Friendly Social Networking Platform for Enhanced Blogging

Our social media app stands out as a friendly and unique social networking platform specifically designed to elevate users' blogging endeavors. It facilitates the creation and sharing of blogs through a seamless integration of photos, videos, collages, and text within a single post. Elevating the blogging experience, the app provides a plethora of rich features including chat functionality, image editing options, and video enhancements. As prominent web and mobile social media app developers in the US and UK, we have successfully served numerous clients in Europe. Explore our impressive portfolio for further insights.

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The Challenge

Our client wanted to make the blogging experience unique and rich for each user by adding some exciting features to the app, and we made them into a reality!

Some of the interesting and challenging features in the app.

  1. Showing an explore feed that is unique for each user. It should display contents that a user has not viewed previously.
  2. Variable editing and filter options on images for users to undo and redo any filter at any time of the blog creation process.
  3. Make the paid content purchased by a user available across his linked accounts under conditions. (eg: Family Plan).
  4. Connect users in the app in more interactive ways.
  5. Recreating user tags exactly on the same position of an image across devices with varying screen sizes.

iLeaf's Process



We discuss to ensure that we have the exact idea of what is required



There's regular interaction with the client to ensure things are on track



Begins according to the needs of our client



The final output will be a perfect match to our clients requirement

Unveiling a Unique Algorithm for Personalized Content Discovery

Our dedicated teams engaged in numerous brainstorming sessions to develop a cutting-edge algorithm, revolutionizing the explore section of our app. This algorithm ensures that each user is presented with unseen and captivating content tailored specifically to their preferences. By tracking viewed and unexplored content on both the app side and backend, we guarantee a truly tailored and unique experience for every user, resulting in enhanced app interaction and endless enjoyment.

Effortless Image Editing with Proxy Filters

In order to provide users with hassle-free image editing options, we introduced the concept of proxy filters. Throughout the blog creation process, an image can undergo multiple filters simultaneously. By utilizing proxy filters, all filter information is saved, allowing users to reverse or modify any filter at any given moment. When a specific filter requires adjustment, the image is processed with all other proxy filters applied, except for the currently edited filter. This streamlined approach ensures users can effortlessly modify or reverse any filter, granting them complete creative control and a seamless editing experience.

Account Linking: Sharing Paid Content Made Simple

To facilitate the sharing of paid content, we implemented an intuitive account-linking approach within our app. Users can now easily share purchased content with their linked accounts, subject to specific conditions. This feature has garnered significant popularity among family users, as it enables them to effortlessly share paid content with their loved ones, fostering a sense of inclusivity and enjoyment.

Enhanced Connectivity and Fun with User & Location Tags

To foster a greater sense of connection and enjoyment in the blogging experience, we introduced user and location tags with auto-suggestions in our app. Users can now effortlessly tag individuals and locations in their images and text contents, creating a more interactive and engaging platform. Moreover, push notifications are sent to users for all events revolving around them, further enhancing their sense of community and excitement.

Accurate Pixel Calculation: Consistency Across Devices

Our app incorporates a sophisticated algorithm utilizing coordinate calculation technology to ensure accurate pixel identification when adding user tags to images. This valuable information is securely stored in the backend, enabling precise pixel re-identification regardless of the device's screen size. Users can rest assured that their tagged content retains its integrity and visual appeal across various devices, providing a seamless and visually consistent experience.

Experience the Future of Blogging with Our Feature-Packed App

By integrating these groundbreaking features into our app, we have revolutionized the blogging landscape, providing users with unparalleled customization, connectivity, and enjoyment. Discover the limitless possibilities by exploring our app's impressive capabilities and join the community of satisfied and engaged users.

The Result

iLeaf Solutions rose to the occasion, successfully addressing and overcoming multiple challenges, resulting in a remarkable app update. The client's excitement and astonishment were palpable as the app now boasts a plethora of trending features, making it an immensely enjoyable and thrilling experience for users.

Cutting-Edge Technology Stack Employed

To achieve this impressive feat, iLeaf Solutions leveraged a powerful technology stack comprising Swift and Objective-C for iOS development, Laravel PHP for backend development, MySQL for database management, and GitHub for seamless version control and collaboration. This carefully chosen technology lineup ensures optimal performance, security, and scalability, paving the way for a robust and future-proof app.

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