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At iLeaf Solutions, we are dedicated to creating cutting-edge smartphone apps that address pressing healthcare needs. Our latest project involves collaborating with a prominent Semi-Government initiative in Norway. Together, we have developed an innovative healthcare mobile app that efficiently estimates newborn jaundice levels, offering invaluable support to parents, doctors, and nurses. The app boasts a simple and intuitive interface, guiding users to input the baby's date of birth and weight, which enables the app to instantly calculate the jaundice level. If the level is high, the app issues a warning, prompting timely interventions that can potentially save lives.

Our primary goal is to ensure the accuracy of our healthcare mobile app for estimating newborn jaundice levels, while also minimizing any associated risks. In the event that the app is not available on a user's device, reaching out to a healthcare professional will still provide an estimate. We have designed this user-friendly app to be accessible to all, including a concise video tutorial to facilitate effortless navigation.

Newborn jaundice remains a significant concern, with a staggering number of approximately 114,000 newborn children losing their lives to this condition each year. While high-income countries have lower fatality rates and minimal brain damage associated with jaundice, low and middle-income nations continue to struggle due to the high costs of existing diagnostic devices.

We are incredibly proud to be recognized as the best healthcare app development company by Clutch. We invite you to explore our Portfolios and Case Studies, which showcase our latest healthcare and fitness projects. Join us at iLeaf Solutions as we work towards combatting jaundice and making a positive impact on newborn health.

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The Challenge

Building a mobile app that seamlessly functions on both iOS and Android platforms presented a significant hurdle. Our team successfully tackled this challenge to create a robust solution that enables capturing pictures of newborns, collecting essential data, and accurately estimating Bilirubin levels.By addressing the complexities of cross-platform development, our healthcare app ensures compatibility across devices, providing a user-friendly experience for parents, doctors, and nurses. Experience the power of our mobile app as it simplifies the process of estimating Bilirubin values, facilitating prompt and accurate diagnosis of newborn jaundice.

iLeaf's Process



We discuss to ensure that we have the exact idea of what is required



There's regular interaction with the client to ensure things are on track



Begins according to the needs of our client



The final output will be a perfect match to our clients requirement

During the development of our innovative application for doctors and nurses, we encountered a significant challenge in accurately calculating Bilirubin content. Varied camera qualities and lighting effects compromised the precision required in the medical field. To address this issue, we devised a solution involving the use of a reference card.Our reference card, similar in size to a credit card, serves as a multi-colored guide. By placing it on the newborn's body, users can capture photos that are then sent to the server for analysis. To enhance accuracy, we implemented strict measures:

  • Manual image capture is restricted, ensuring consistency.
  • Auto-capture functionality operates only when the card and camera are parallel.
  • For increased precision, the camera automatically captures three sets of images, with and without flash.

These six images, along with pertinent newborn information, are transmitted to the server for Bilirubin value estimation. Leveraging color codes on the card and the newborn's body, the server employs medical calculations to determine the Bilirubin level. The results are then sent back to the app, completing the process. Risk management played a crucial role in our development journey. Since Flutter was a nascent platform at the time, we faced challenges with image processing, auto-capture, and card detection due to limited libraries. To overcome this, we customized the OpenCV_flutter camera plugin, ensuring efficient management of these essential functionalities.

Additionally, backend calculation processes posed another risk. Initially, image processing and result delivery took over five minutes. To address this, we leveraged the same OpenCV library for server-side image processing. Utilizing the identical library for both image capture and processing significantly boosted calculation speed, reducing the processing time to under 60 seconds.Experience the fruits of our labor in combating newborn jaundice. Contact us today to explore the capabilities of our innovative healthcare solution.


Flutter, OpenCV, Python,
Xcode and Android Studio
MongoDB, Zeplin,
Atlassian Confluence, Gitlab.

The Result

Introducing an innovative app designed specifically for medical professionals, focusing on simplicity and usability. With a user-friendly interface featuring a camera and instruction button, our app provides an intuitive experience for all users. The instruction button offers access to a comprehensive video tutorial, allowing users to easily understand and navigate the app's functionalities. To enhance the user interface, we have incorporated auto-capture and auto-flash options in the camera feature, ensuring high-quality images for seamless transmission to the server.

We are proud to announce that our project has secured funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program, under grant agreement no: 854926.

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