Top 5 Photo Editing Apps to Transform Your Photos into Artworks

by Ajesh Joy

on January 10, 2018

Each and every day over 95 million Instrgram and 350 million Facebook photos are shared socially. Upon sharing our photos with friends, family, and other social networking websites, we indeed want them to look good. This is why these mobile applications that let you edit photos have become very much popular. The lines between desktop and mobile image editing have become increasingly blurred as with the use of mobile application you can make your picture fairer and more attractive.

So, with the help of photo editing tools you can shape it, crop it, changes the colors, portrait it and can do pretty much most everything like to add filters, brightness and vignette, which ones are best to transform your photos into artworks. In my opinion, here are 10 of the best photo editing apps that are best of the best!

Here are our picks of Top 5 Photo Editing Apps to Transform Your Photos into Artworks

1.Adobe Photoshop Fix

Available on both  iOS and Andriod

Adobe Photoshop does not require any introduction, when it comes to editing photos. Adobe Photoshop Fix is a mobile application by adobe for editing photos on smartphones. The app lets you access nifty tools such as Red Eye Removal, Cropping, Straighten, Flip, Brightness, Rotation, Exposure, and more.

Apart from the regular image-editing tools the app has houses filters such as Vibrant, Superpunch,Glow and many more. You can also add frames, borders and other design elements in your image using the application.What I personally like about the app is you can enhance your jaw line, enlarge your eyes, slim-down your face and make it tall too.

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2. Google Snapseed


Available on both  iOS and Andriod

This app has been designed to prove the phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Snapseed lets you to add great looking text to your images.Trust me, the fonts are really good.Along with beautiful fonts, has really cool filters that can be fine-tuned as per your preference. Fortunately, all the mentioned goodness comes at free of cost.

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3. Prisma

Available on both  iOS and Andriod

I am very much sure that you might have come across the Prisma as in the year of 2K16 it was once topping the news.Prisma detects facial features and transforms them into masterpiece paintings to celebrate artists like Picasso, Van Gogh and Munch. So, for an art lover Prisma seems like quite authentic. The app has a variety of filters that are specifically based on various kinds of painting types such as Oil Painting, Sketch and more.

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4. PicsArt

Available on both  iOS and Andriod

The makers of the app houses have ensured to add every image editing tools and layouts.There are numbers of filters in the app along with text adding tools that are full of beautiful fonts.Adding elements like boards, bubbles speech, lens flare adds extra charm to your photo.There are other interesting features to impress your friends like birthday Frames, Love Quotes and many more.Download it now, because it is a free app.

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5. Instazz

If you are anInstragarm lover, then Instazz is a must have app for you. Instazz is Photo & Video editing app for both iOS and Andriod.I am in love with this application as without harsh restriction, this app lets me upload a full size photo without cropping on Instagram.Making use of this app, I can convert my portraits into square format without any cropping or quality loss.

The app has so many unique features like quick, smart, and powerful no crop Instasize picture editor.It also lets you create video for Instagram, Vine & YouTube Posts.Instazz is a one stop solution for an impressive picture and video editor along with a collage maker, Pic collage , Photo Grid maker with inbuilt amazing effects,which ensures that you are not required to install anything else for your Instagramming needs.

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