React Native Development – Hybrid Excellence Redefined

by Ajesh Joy

on April 23, 2018

Hybrid landscape

The hybrid platform is ever expanding, while some have made a mark as a platform to be reckoned with some have fallen by the wayside. In the race to be different and worthwhile every platform has a niche it caters to for example Ionic is great for image-heavy apps, Xamarin is great for security-oriented apps for banks and payments etc. But none them have managed to cover as much ground as React Native. No other hybrid development framework can the native feel like React Native Development.


Genesis – What is React Native?

It started off as an open source JavaScript, backed by big names such as Facebook and Instagram, React Native in 2015 broke out as a formidable hybrid development framework. React Native has come a long way from 2011, then it was the driving force behind Facebook’s news feed.


React Native has been accepted by developers for its versatility, short development cycle and minimal deployment time. Due to its open-source nature, React Native is constantly being improved since its inception React Native has increased its compatibility from iOs and Android to tvOS and windows as well. When compared with its rivals it has the ability to reuse codes to perform different functions, this reduces development time, effort and provides minimal deployment times. React native development has changed how organizations view an app development process.

Native Feel

React Native is a UI focussed hybrid platform, this means that apps have an inbred native feel to them, the native elements of a platform communicates with JavaScript elements to bring out a rich, fluid and smooth usability. A react native app is virtually indistinguishable from a native app. Hire our React Native developers to get your hybrid app for a native feel.

About Us

iLeaf Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a global player in consulting, designing and developing web and mobile solutions for businesses, departments and individuals. iLeaf Solutions has persistently positioned itself as a leading developer of mobile applications since its inception in 2007. Besides specialization in iPhone & iPad apps, Android apps, cross-platform apps, Windows mobile apps, we have a robust inventory of web development. Contact us for all your React Native app development needs.

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