The Essential App Launch Checklist

by Ajesh Joy

on January 29, 2018

The launch of a mobile app seems to be easy but infact it takes loads of time and serious commitment to put all the pieces together in a organised fashion. App development is just the beginning of the story!

Considering the fact that having an app marketing plan in place is crucial for the success of every app out there, app developers and business owners need to ensure that they have the right tools and technology for a successful launch.

With that in mind… here is a guideline to the things you need to check before releasing your app

1. Do your market research

When you research the key competitors from your app category, you have the chance of receiving great insight as to what your target audience values in an app.

Always be prepared to have an answer to the following questions:

(i) How are other apps named?
(ii) Are they memorable?
(iii) Which categories are they targeting?
(iv) Which keywords are they ranking high for?

Another great way to tap into the market is to look at the reviews of competing apps and make a list of all of the good and bad comments. This will help you have a better understanding of what matters to your customers the most and what turns them away.

2. The power of positive feedback

The question you need to ask yourself here is, who are the real target customers of your app? What usually happens after developing a couple of great app features is that the team sends in their feedback afterwards. However satisfying their reviews may be, they do not represent your target audience.

What you can do instead is to identify your target customer, find out which channels will help you reach them and recruit beta testers.

Beta testers represent your first opportunity of getting some unbiased first-hand feedback from your target audience.

3. Planning the marketing activities for your app

Unfortunately, planning the entire marketing activity for an app is one of the most neglected areas of app development. But the marketing team is the one responsible for planning the go-to-market strategies for your app and understanding every built-in feature.

Take a look at this pre-launch activity checklist that should be included into your marketing plan:

– Find out the USP of your app
– Optimise for the App Store
– Choose an app name
– Choose relevant keywords – one of the most important aspects that help people discover your app
– A description to indicate your key message
– Create a preview trailer
– Blog about the development process on your website
– Plan your beta test
– Create a promotional channel list
– Shortlist forums
– Outreach plan
– Create a press kit
– Promotional deadlines

4. Planning the app release date in advance

The most important reason for planning a release date in advance is to ensure it gets press coverage. The reason for this is that marketers usually have to deal with delays in the project deadline and are later faced with an unplanned release date as soon as the app is ready.

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