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Many Brilliant Applications under one Roof

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iLeaf Solutions has been developing applications since 2007. Our years of experience has enabled us provide quality products to our clients. Our team of developers  strive to create the best and hence are able to meet specific business requirements with efficiency and accuracy.

Being a proactive participant in the applications market, we are well-versed in all aspects related to this sector. However our specialization in certain areas gives us an extra edge over the others. We are actively involved in all stages of development and this helps us create products that give our clients utmost satisfaction.

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FB Offers, Deals, & Coupons

Palmistry. Palm Reading

Tarot Euroresidentes


Blipp – GPS Location Sharing

Schedule Swapper

momenTOGO 2.9



!Thanksgiving – Fun Holiday Photo Editing


Live:The college network



My Pregnancy Free by Pregasaurus

Cart Blanche

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“Technology” – Our Priority

We constantly strive to incorporate the latest technologies so that our clients would benefit from the updated resources that these innovations bring along with them.

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The Global Positioning System is being used to build apps and software for various needs.iLeaf Solutions offers apps that integrate the best of GPS resources in assisting navigation and other GPS-enabled services. These apps are designed for all leading mobile platforms to meet the requirements of a wide variety of clients who wish to sell their services and products online. They also assist millions of users worldwide who are on the lookout for user-friendly GPS apps.

Fitness apps

 These days, people are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of having to remain fit and fine. But in today’s fast moving world, people rarely have time for fitness activities and exercises. The solution is an app, one that would provide them fitness tips constantly and update them about the latest in the field.

Our fitness apps have helped our clients in the business to reach out to a wide audience who are in need of getting instant fitness mantras. These apps not only serve as a promotional plan for our clients, but also powered hundreds and thousands of fitness-yearning men and women to keep themselves healthy.

Social Media Applications Development

 People who spend most of their time on the internet are usually seen on Social Media Websites. This market has thrown wide open huge potential for business all over the world. Social Media Applications is one of the easiest ways to reach to people by evoking their interest and thus make them participate in the process. Interesting and innovative applications has proved to build business and brands in the most conducive ways.

Social Media Software Development Kits

Social Media Software Development Kits are programming packages that enables the development of applications for specific platforms. These kits help incorporate social media into apps. With the increasing popularity of social media services it would sometimes require some more input from the company in order to implement social-type features such as commenting, forums, activity streams, social chatter and more.

The SDKs that we offer have proved to be competent in achieving the results desired of them and has equipped our clients with an added advantages SDK reduces the development time, allows interoperability between apps, create a more consistent look and feel and be scalable on the Web. APIs

Millions of consumers around the world make use of Parse’s outstanding resources to send real-time notifications and increase user engagement. At iLeaf Solutions, we enable our clients to make use of the APIs provided by By integrating these APIs to various applications we help our clients to make use of the Parse resources in a much easier manner.

Web Services Development

From website development and maintenance to creating applications for internet and social media, these technologies aid enterprises of all sizes to sell their products/services online. Our web development technologies offer our clients top-notch web solutions that help the promotion of online branding. These solutions assist in empowering business to create unique brand identities and thereby ensure active online presence.

Advertising Networks

An online advertising network connects to advertisers who wish to host advertisements into potential websites. In other words, they sell spaces where online ads would appear. This segment is another one of our highlights. iLeaf Solutions offers this kind of service to our clients who are on the lookout for apt and profitable spaces where they can host ads and attract user interest.

QR Code

QR Code or Quick Response Code is the trademark for a type of Matrix Barcode. It is an optically machine-readable label attached to a particular item and reads information related to that particularly. Thanks to its easy readability and greater storage capacity, the QR Code system is fast-emerging as a popular mean with applications that include product tracking, documents management, time tracking, general marketing and lots more. iLeaf Solutions helps its clients to generate these barcodes that can be used across businesses effectively to help smooth proceedings of various transactions.

In-app video, voice and text chat

With the ever-increasing popularity of various kinds of chat services, it has become necessary for business to promote these if they are to survive in online marketing. With this in focus iLeaf Solutions designs applications for its clients that enable video, voice and text chats to constantly interact with their customers. In this case there’s a greater user engagement and one-to-one customer feedback. Customer queries can be sorted instantly and it also generates a feel-good factor for the customer when their concerns are being individually addressed at the quickest possible time.

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