iLeaf Solutions is an award-winning iOS app development and design company, specializing in delivering innovative, robust, scalable, intuitive, and user-friendly solutions. We use the most reliable and powerful technology for iOS app development - Swift UI, Swift, Objective-C, Java React Native, and Flutter. At the same time, we ensure the services are of paramount quality. Though we follow the best solutions available in the market, we develop our own in the time of need. What helps us stand apart is our thirst for deviating from the mundane and pushing the limits.

Our team of talented professionals delivers matchless services in providing the most competent apps to meet your business needs. Pillared on java and aided by libraries like gson, butter knife, ormlite, Android Wear, among others we augment our app design development with clean codes.

React Native:
Our engineers are experts who can work on the latest cross-platform component, React Native, which can be deployed on iOS and Android in a Native environment. We use Modern JavaScript, ES6, ES7, JSX, Redux, GraphQL, Relay for development. The application we build using a cross-platform technology renders a Native feel.

Given the growing need for wearable devices, we employ API's and Technology platforms to design beautiful UI that runs smooth and hassle-free. Being an app development company, we also maneuver unhindered flow of data between handheld devices and Wearable apps.
Be it healthcare apps or utility or business apps, our developers deliver the best of wearable technology. Our services include development of wearable apps for Android & iOS device.

Flutter is Google's mobile UI framework for crafting high-quality native interfaces on iOS and Android in record time also supports for Web, Embedded and Desktop from a single codebase. Flutter apps can be written in the Dart programming language. Dart shares feature with many of other languages like Kotlin and Swift and it can be easily transpiled into JavaScript code.

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