Free and Open Source

If a software is free and it is open source, there is needless to say that it is going to be the new favorite of programmers and relevant community. React JS usage is although subject to the curation by Facebook’s developers, it is still free and open source, which gives you a chance to get codes developed by elite and most enthusiastic developers.


One of the most heartwarming features of React JS is its adaptability. What makes React JS usage a piece of cake is its capacity to get adopted with ease and convenience. Because of the short list of lifecycle approaches this is very easy to understand and use. With the advent of ES2015 and ES2016, a more functional and user friendly programming has become a cyber norm and render function of React JS makes it easy for React JS to comply with a user friendly and functional programming style.

Lightweight DOM For Better Performance

React embraces a lightweight implementation of the events system and DOM. It doesn't use the browser, but allows one to manipulate DOM version stored in the memory. This certainly delivers fast and effective performance.Since, several developers have experienced terrifying performance issues of DOM while working with Angular, they prefer switching to React framework.

Usefulness of JSX

The separation of HTML from Java is still a hot debate among programmers. The makers of React JS believe that this separation is indeed a very shallow one as both of them were very well integrated. Thus they introduce JSX and React JS features make it very easy because JSX makes the reasoning of a module easier than ever.

Asynchronous Functions & Generators

One of the main reasons for the immense React JS usage is the asynchronous functions and generators offered by ES6. The freedom to pause and resume the execution of a JavaScript function makes these generators popular among developers and programmers.


React.js is said to be a great performer. This is one of the features that makes it much better than many great platforms out there today. The reason why it does so well is because it manages a virtual DOM and not watching and updating an actual DOM on the fly of a browser.

Live reload

One of the coolest features about React JS development is live reloading. As soon as you save a Javascript file, React repackages the entire Javascript bundle and transmits it to the device, displaying the changes immediately without recompiling.

Why should I use React JS?

Since React is just a view library it is easy to apply it to the existing code base and decide if it fits or not.

It uses the declarative approach to describe components, and the components API is pretty small so the learning curve is not steep. It is also handy for teamwork because components have a predefined structure.

React is isomorphic. It is possible to use React everywhere where you can execute JavaScript. If you need to improve the initial page loading and do SEO, you can render the page on the server side with a help of Node.js or Java 8 Nashorn. Or you can even use it on TV and game consoles like Netflix does.

The library is supported by Facebook and has already been used by Facebook in production on different projects.

The community support is also growing rapidly and a number of companies (Netflix, AirBnB, SoundCloud, Yahoo!, Codecademy to name just a few) choose React for production.

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