How do we go about: The procedure We pursue the procedures of app development in a step-by-step, stage-by-stage manner.

  • 01 : Research and analysis

    To begin with, we make an end to end study of the project. We then analyze the market orientation and trends. Thereafter comes the most important aspect of collating the needs and expectations of your customers and Smartphone users in general. We proceed only after a thorough study and assimilation of the results.

  • 02 : Planning

    In the next stage we chart out a plan that covers from the initial stage to the final implementation. We sit down with the clients and chalk out a strategy. We fix a deadline and routine that is mutually convenient and agreeable. We then combine our visions and ideas to carve a path towards executing the project. Meanwhile, we also take into consideration the technical as well as conceptual aspects in developing the product.

  • 03 : UX / UI

    We design applications that appeal equally to the heart and mind. So when the consultation is underway we learn the character of your product and plan the graphics keeping in mind the app that we are aiming at. We always update ourselves about trends. And, for a design we follow instincts and intuition.

  • 04 : Progress assessment

    Out team makes use of the most advanced technology to carry your business onto to mobile platform. At this stage we can see the progress of the development and see the delivery of modules. We assess the pace and performance of your evolving app. The glimpse of its functionalities can bring you cheers and boost your confidence. There is no looking back thereafter and you can rest assured that you are in the right place for taking your business to the next level.

  • 05 : QA

    We are particular about keeping the product free of errors, big or small. The tests that we carry out not only weed out the mistakes but spot areas where value additions can be made. Our testing fixes all sorts of bugs and removes bad or weak links. It rewards spotless quality for the product.

  • 06 : Raising standards

    Once we establish a link with our clients it doesn’t end with the dispatch of product or service. It leaves a permanent bridge for constant upgradation of the product. We monitor the way the product is helping you to improve your business. We alert you about new possibilities, market changes, new developments and so on to help you raise the standards of your product at every stage of your business.

  • 07 : Implementation

    When the end user's final product is ready for launch we waste no time for the take off. We soon execute its deployment in the server. The app is instantly submitted in Playstore, Appstore and other relevant areas. However, our job is not done yet until we attract the attention of your prospective customers as well as general users. It’s our task to help you reach the heights you aimed at.

  • 08 : Security

    We provide high-end security to keep your product safe in your custody. Your app won't be affected by any kind of malicious activities or malware attacks as it will be guarded strongly by the hack-proof security systems and all sorts of protective software.


Our development process is based on Agile

TECHNOLOGIES Commonly used programming languages


  • We can initiate development process at the hour of your convenience
  • Discussion on the projects can be held for a stipulated duration
  • We will sign NDA and the talks will be secured
  • We’ll show you around our cherished designs
  • Briefing on technology
  • Guaranteed source code delivery
  • Option to re-start a closed venture

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