This app is great for fashion design students, fashion professionals, and fashion enthusiasts who need to create inspirational boards and sketches on the go. You can import croquis sketches to the pad and quickly sketch designs using tools suck as charcoal, pencil, pen, paint brush and marker. You can create mood boards to show the inspiration behind your sketches. You can also make tech sheets for quick send off. There is also an organize feature that allows you to flip through your pad and mood boards to mix and match your work to create the perfect presentation board. You can export your sketches, boards and presentations to email or to social sites for peer review and discussion!


  • We can initiate development process at the hour of your convenience
  • Discussion on the projects can be held for a stipulated duration
  • We will sign NDA and the talks will be secured
  • We’ll show you around our cherished designs
  • Briefing on technology
  • Guaranteed source code delivery
  • Option to re-start a closed venture

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