Augmented Tool apps provide you a real world experience for you in 2 different ways.

1. Our “Create Your Space” option, will let you create a virtual space on where ever you are using our pre-defined sets of objects, where ever you go. Just need a plain surface to get detected and you can place the objects as you wish. You can resize and rotate the objects as needed. Pich zoom is provided for re-sizing and long press is provided for rotating the object. Once after neatly arranging the objects, you can take a picture of the same and save it to the apps gallery. User can share those take pictures from the “My Gallery” option app have inside and then share it to any medias they need along with an option to save it to the Photos app as well.

2. Our “Measure Your Objects” option, will let you measure the objects in a real time basis. We calculate the measurements based on all the three axis in the real time world using camera and calculate the measurement based on these three. So the advantage is that, you can calculate the height, width etc from a specifed distance itself, without going near to it.


  • We can initiate development process at the hour of your convenience
  • Discussion on the projects can be held for a stipulated duration
  • We will sign NDA and the talks will be secured
  • We’ll show you around our cherished designs
  • Briefing on technology
  • Guaranteed source code delivery
  • Option to re-start a closed venture

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