Finally, an app designed for those who need to light large areas for construction, special events, mining, energy production or any number of other applications. Simply locate the area that needs to be lit on the satellite image, define the boundaries of the area and then virtually set up portable light towers to determine the placement, quantity and light configuration that most efficiently illuminates the work site to the desired level of illumination, measured in foot-candles (fc). Visually compare on the same image the light output and illumination area of Allmand 1250 watt metal halide light towers versus the typical 1000 watt configurations offered by other manufacturers. After determining the number of towers needed, sales, rental or other specific information may be requested, or the Allmand website with full specs, sales literature and parts/operators manuals may be accessed directly from the app. The Android app even includes a “hidden” flashlight mode on the initial screen to help light your way in the dark.


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