Mobile Apps – Integral Factor in Enhancement of Your Business?


You are here because you needed to advise on an app. And safe to say you’re not alone on that thought. I mean don’t get us wrong; You’re not there yet, but you’re heading in the right direction. And all in all, broadly speaking, especially about your organization, brand, or institution, you’re in the right place.

In the past few years, we’ve had to rethink how we live our lives after the Covid-19 pandemic. So, it is an undeniable fact that this has led to a boom in mobile app development. This is where we come in. As a pioneer in this area of ??expertise, iLeaf Solutions is here to give you specific reasons why mobile app development is a critical factor in business success.

Let’s be objective about this as this isn’t your everyday Mobile application V/s Mobile Website debate but rather let’s look at it from a fresh perspective; one that works well long term while simultaneously being strategic to the core. The growing number of smartphone users is only going to continue growing exponentially shortly. This gives us a lot of potential clients and customers to consider while carefully planning our next few steps. And just as the statistics make it clear that not only has the physical hardware changed rapidly, an eventful period, but the applications or software that powers it has grown at a High rate.

Now in terms of how you should go about this venture; you should take a look at one of the iLeaf Solutions’ more informative blog posts – “Why do you need a Hybrid App Builder for E-Commerce Rather than a Native one?”

As for the major question of the ‘WHY?’; we suggest you keep reading and we promise you that our goal is just to enlighten you so that you make a clear informed decision and to ensure that our clientele only takes calculated risks that in turn lets you reap the benefits of your labors.

Benefits to Business with Mobile Apps

Build Loyalty –  Your Mobile application reinforces Brand Loyalty and customer loyalty, especially in the retail sector as it promotes a feeling of reliability and trust that comes with customer satisfaction with using a well-developed mobile application.

  1. Reinforce your Brand – A Mobile application has an innate ability to reinforce your brand by creating the opportunity to do so via a brand new channel wherein customers and clients could be encouraged to download the free branded version and even further enhance the application to fit their specific needs thus boosting customer satisfaction in the long run.
  1. Increase your Visibility – With the evergreen and constantly growing customer base online over a virtual platform gives us the means to advertise your brand indirectly through the application itself thus increasing your visibility as well as relevance in the public eye.
  1. Increased accessibility– Your business can now operate using a mobile application that allows access from virtually anywhere because it does not require a stationary base of operations, and transactions can now be done mobile and on the go.
  1. Increased Sell-through – The numbers don’t lie as recent analytics and studies have proven that as we continue to evolve into a more mobile-centric society mobile phone users and potential clientele spend more time on average on a company’s mobile apps than they are likely to do so on the company website thus reiterating the point that apps are indeed at the center of the developmental push. And effectively, strategically, and efficiently using this information to your knowledge would indeed go a long way in generating revenue via sales, advertisements as well as from the application itself in the long run benefiting your business success story.
  1. Reduce Cost To Serve –  A well-developed mobile phone application meant to enhance your business can in turn allow your clientele to access basic information and purchase without the added requirement and hassle of needing a call center. This is most usually tackled with automation as it reduces service costs.
  1. Reduce Marketing Cost – As compared to traditional and orthodox means of advertisements it can be said that a hidden benefit of mobile business applications is the low cost of marketing using the help of push notifications to announce anything important.
  1. Enhance Customer Experience – Mobile applications are purposefully designed to accommodate the smaller screen size as compared to a desktop version. This in turn makes it easier for the consumer to use or access whatever information they may require thus creating a customized and satisfying user experience in the process.
  1. Get the Competitive edge – “First Come, First Serve”; This is especially applicable to those businesses that are in a very specific niche wherein you happen to be the first to break through into the online virtual e-commerce space as your competition and competitors are yet to offer an app of their own as a solution for your shared clientele.
  1. Broaden your Market Coverage – You in a very literal sense need a bigger net to catch more fish and keeping that logic in mind, we at iLeaf Solutions would earnestly urge our clients to invest in a mobile application for your business as by not doing so you are quite simply ignoring a vast majority of potential clients who prefer to conduct their e-commerce business transactions over an application in a quick hassle-free way rather than over your company’s website.
  1. Create Stickiness – By developing a mobile application for your business, you’re embedding your brand in your customers’ pockets.
  1. Deliver Speed – as the quicker you are the more clientele you procure. Mobile applications load faster than their website and most don’t even require an Internet connection to be accessed these days.
  1. Get Feedback – As it determines if your business can deliver to the needs of the customer; if quite simply put the quality of supply matches its demand. Such feedback can improve themselves, and mobile applications make it easier to easily address such a scenario.
  1. Stay in Control – Our mobile app gives you complete control of your business.