Fitness Application : Why You Need To Invest On Developing Your Own


We all have reasons to want to work out and stay in shape. With or without fitness application. For some, it’s a passion, for others it’s pride, but for most, it’s just maintaining a healthy lifestyle. After all, your body is a temple, and with regular practice, it only helps to maintain an overall balance not only in an individual’s physical but also in uplifted mental and physical state. their emotions, while boosting your immunity. Not everyone can afford to maintain a healthy work-life balance, eat healthily and at the same time spend a small portion of your daily routine at your local gym.

Furthermore, concern for our immunity began to grow with the onset of the most recent global Covid-19 pandemic that has taken the world by storm and rocked it to its roots. We are now in the phase where we reboot, renew our ways and find new remedies for the problem in question and make sure by all means and purposes to give new meaning to the term “Survival of the fittest. At iLeaf Solutions, Our developers are concerned about this when creating a fitness application.

We at iLeaf Solutions feel that now in especially in the time of the pandemic, while all local gyms and fitness arenas remain closed due to fear of the spread of the disease due to its relatively high rate of transmission, it is at this exact moment we need to capitalize and bridge the gap between gyms and its members.

It doesn’t matter if you are the owner of a gym, a health application is a solution you need to bring your health regimen and detailed information directly to your home, or customer in the comfort of their own home. Technically, a fitness app falls under the mHealth app classification as it essentially ticks the same boxes in terms of usage and mobility when taken into consideration. You can learn more about mHealth apps in one of our previous blogs: “Everything to consider when developing a health app”; whereas in iLeaf Solution we focused on highlighting the key aspects of the development of a mHealth application.

Pre-production of your Fitness Application

Now that we have your attention, give us a moment to grab your interest as well. Cause if you have already read so far, you might have by now considered the prospect of developing an online mobile fitness application to enhance your brand in the fitness market and enhance your customer base in one fell sweep. Fret not cause this is exactly where we intend to step in. Allow us to enlighten you in the most efficient manner possible. Given below are the four basic steps you will have to keep in mind before developing your fitness application.

Choose the monetization model –  One of the first and foremost things you will have to keep in mind before developing your Fitness Mobile Application is to choose the aptest method of monetizing your fitness-related content. Paid apps, in-app purchases, freemium, ads, or sponsored content are a few such models of app monetization.

Consider the basic features of your fitness application – Probably one of the key aspects you ought to consider about almost every and any type of mobile application, in general, is the user-friendliness and effectiveness of the app is its ease of use. The more features you can think of the greater the adaptability of the application concerning any given possible scenario. Some of the most commonly seen features in such applications are User Profiles, Notifications, Social Sharing, and Geo-location.

Hire a Development team –  It’s almost crucial to note that when in the process of creating your very own fitness mobile application, one must have an equally compatible and efficient, and flexible team of app developers to successfully turn your business idea into a proper working solution. This is probably the stage or steps wherein our mobile app development team at iLeaf Solutions will come into play and be of use to you if and when you wish to avail of our service.

Inception Phase – One of the first and foremost hurdles you can expect to face in the process of developing your mobile fitness application begins with the product discovery phase wherein and during which your development team will properly outline and define the scope of the work required, creating a project road-map and simultaneously plan the resources and set the proper MVP budget. This Discovery phase often takes several weeks and also includes a functional specification development, the creation of UX/UI design, and a visual prototype of your app this, in turn, helps paint and visualize a better vision for your end product.

Technical Documentation – Before the development of the app goes underway it’s quite necessary to reduce the margin of error that a technical writer prepares technical documentation of the product’s technical specifications based on the client’s requirements. This in turn helps your team of developers to come up with clear and innovative solutions to frequently and commonly occurring issues.

Design – On average it’s known to be a slightly time-intensive process to create a strong and outstanding design for your application based on your standard features and requirements and also perhaps a few customized components that include micro-interactions.

Workout Application Development – Finally it is important to keep in mind that when you are considering launching your fitness mobile application over the platforms of Android and iOS, you will essentially need around three primary developers; Android and iOS Mobile App Developers as well as a Back-end Developer.

Quality Assurance – Perhaps the final stage of the development of your very own fitness application lies in the testing and bug fixing stage after the initial development process and this indeed is another time-consuming process that gets you one step closer to perfection. Aside from simply checking the code for bugs, QA engineers also test the waters and the overall user experience of the project and whether the features work as they are expected to and to further enhance the refinement process of your vision and product before it’s ready to be released into the public. We at iLeaf Solutions do not take this stage of the development process lightly and leave no rock unturned and ensure that our client receives exactly what they bargained for if not better.


We hope to highlight that when it comes to the development of a unique fitness application to enhance your brand image and popularity and cast a wider net and fish in more customers or clients can be quite a challenging task at first glance. But given the proper consideration and planning, this can be more than a feasible solution to boost your popularity and your business.

To summarize however your fitness app solution should have the best features that complement your workout content such as personal account, setting goals, activity tracking, and other interactive content such as a custom workout plan creation template feature, etc. It is these unique features that you could provide your client that become your application’s and your brand’s USP. It also helps to consider the possibilities of developing gamification features that further motivate people to use your application regularly such that a proper workout routine develops out of force of habit or nature.

Proper channels of monetization are necessary to boost your revenue and ensure your success in a competitive market. But more so important as the backbone of your project is a proper development team that must be present to support you through thick and thin.  It is also crucial to the success of your venture that much care is given to your project in its initial development stage and proper planning and budgeting are necessary to cut down costs.

We hope we have been able to shine a light on any prospect you have of venturing into this and we believe that we have enlightened your understanding of how you could go about creating a mobile fitness application and what you need to keep in mind before you do so.