This is an advanced form of body weight training including static & dynamic body weight skills. The app encounter free full body workouts and access to specific skill training. All workouts and exercises vary in intensity and difficulty and are appropriate for beginners as well as advanced athletes.


The Challenge

The stakeholders behind the app wanted to devise a mobile application  that could improve their business. The core idea of the stakeholders were to create an applications that help the users see the video based on the skills they set in a weekly basis and make the user’s workout in a weekly basis.

The main challenge we faced during the creation of the application was to create the algorithm for matching several conditions of the users such as  their body nature, their body limitations, as well as the type of training they need.  Another main challenge is to manage the subscription based payment for all the users who want to join the application.

The Process

This was developed by a dedicated team using Agile methodology. The client came up with a set of exercise pattern they perform at their daily workout series. Through constant communication and daily meeting set up our team created an overall algorithm for the same.

Collaboration and Communication

Project collaboration was done using Jira. All project communication was done using email, Skype and Slack.

The Result

We developed a simplified solution based on the requirement of the stakeholders to let the user train themselves using the application. The end product is an application which help end-users to train themselves in the home watching videos on Reps and Sets basis.

Improved User Engagements

This app  is designed to be highly efficient, versatile and motivating. Constant new workout variations help boost your performance and enable you to achieve maximum progress. Both of which can be kept track of in your own personal user profile.

It is more than just a weightlifting app. The system is built around compound movements and designed to not only be extra time-efficient (you always train less than an hour) but it’s also performance-oriented, comparable and competitive. Train alone, together with a friend or in a group. You decide.



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