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Athletic trainers are often required to manage a lot of different activities and schedules to keep their training sessions as efficient as possible. However, with the increasing number of responsibilities comes to an increased amount of stress and fatigue. This is where an app that can help minimize the effort put into managing these schedules would be beneficial. Such an app should have features such as:-A a calendar with allocates specific times for workouts, administrative tasks, meals, etc. The new Sports Trainer App minimizes the amount of effort athletic trainers need to manage their day-to-day schedules and activities. It does this by automatically consolidating all of the trainer’s activities into one convenient location. This eliminates the need for trainers to search for tasks or attend multiple meetings to carry out their professional duties. The Sports Trainer App also allows trainers to communicate with their patients and colleagues through the app. It is an essential tool for any fitness or athletic trainer, who seeks to be more efficient and productive. Our client, a formal athlete enthusiast, and a coach intend to provide a practical solution that minimizes the effort of athletic and fitness trainers to manage their day-to-day schedules and activities. As the sports/fitness coaching industry is increasingly becoming mainstream and a large percentage of people are working towards their physical and mental health, this space can also be tapped to make more enthusiasts get onboard much more easily. After several discussions with clients to get a clear picture of his idea and several offline brainstorms we provided a complete solution. Our support and assistance started right from gathering business requirements, developing wireframes, prototyping UI/UX, and finally delivering the fully developed mobile app solution support.

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The Challenge

There were a few challenges in front of us while strategizing the app development process. Tracking trainer schedules on a day-to-day basis. Managing teams and their activities. Managing areas from one place. Allocating coaching areas for a given period of time for trainers.

iLeaf's Process


We discuss to ensure that we have the exact idea of what is required


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Tracking trainer schedules on a day-to-day basis The initial challenge was to track the schedules created by a trainer on a day-to-day basis. A complete calendar facility for the trainers was designed to accommodate the schedules. In this section, the trainer could create a schedule for an individual/team inside or outside the community and it will be synced into the calendar. A trainer can view the schedule based on time in the calendar view inside the app. Managing teams and their activities Trainers were given the option to create their teams based on the training academy they were practicing. Every team can be managed by the trainer within the application. Team members could be invited for specific schedules and notified of particular events or changes within the application. Push notifications were also used for simplifying the notification process. A real-time chat also with notification was implemented to have direct communication between the trainers and team members. Managing areas from one place The biggest challenge was the area allocation for different trainers for a given time. Areas needed to be managed by a person who is a super admin. We provided a management tool via the cms admin portal to add and manage areas. Areas were based on geolocation which was also reduced to help redundancy. The system will automatically check and verify areas to avoid redundancy and then the admin can add areas. Trainers can then use these areas for given time slots. Allocating coaching areas for a given period of time for trainers Each area had a maximum capacity of members too. At a given slot only one trainer could use the area for him training his/her team members. This is a real-life scenario where a mutex lock has to be implemented so that only one trainer can access an area at a given slot.

The Result

Initial feedback from the trainers was awesome. They found the solution as a lifesaver and managing schedules and the team was a ‘cakewalk’ as per one of the feedback. 31% more sports/fitness trainers boarded the platform than the client actually expected. We also delivered a fully functional admin dashboard along with the application for tracking the entire area management and training schedules. Integrity and simplicity along with the trust of the business grew as a result of our solutions.

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