This is a dating app which is similar to Tinder app and is meant for a certain community of Professionals. The client approaches us with a concept of creating a Tinder like app. His overall concept is to unite a certain community of professionals in one roof and help them finding their partners according to their interest.

It is considered as #1 Elite dating app designed exquisitely for a certain community of professionals. Featured in Ebony, fast Company, WSJ, New York Times, Techcrunch, etc., it is a unique private dating platform bringing together a community of professionals for romantic social discovery. The focus is on meaningful long-term relationships that enhance our lives and our communities.

The members are people who are interested in the finer things in life, beyond just hookups. 

The Challenge

One of the main challenge we faced while creating the application is the matching algorithm and showing matched profile among users each other in a real time manner. For matching algorithm we created some filter based things which can be managed from the back end itself. The admin will have full access to manage the user base. The real time scenario was really a tough challenge we faced using the normal servers. And for real time scenario initially we have chosen silent push as an option, but in the meantime we are aware about the issues we will face. So in a stage in between we changed the  real time things to the node.js and socket programming. This solved both the matching algorithm issue and the Match page issue in the application.

The Process

The App works as follows:

  • It is Curated: Members of the dating app are validated using both Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • It is Private: The app will NEVER POST on your Facebook or LinkedIn Accounts
  • It is Simple: Matching is based on mutual likes – Once two members like each other, both members are matched and can start communicating

There are two tiers of memberships (i) Basic (ii) Premium
Basic membership is free and you can see a limited number of profiles every 12 hours. With paid premium membership you can browse with no timing limitations.

This was developed in a Fixed budget project base, in an Agile Process management Model.

The Result

We were working very closely with the client. Hence we were able to design a neat and user friendly user interface. On the initial stage the struggle for creating the matching algorithm , made the app matching process the best part in the application side. Within a time frame of about 16 weeks we have completed the application development in both ios android and backend and uploaded it to the store.



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