This app offers a simple way to create and share memories with your family and friends.

Whenever users have a planned or spontaneous gathering with friends and family and they want to keep memories thereof, start a “huddle”, invite friends and family.

Each guest will receive an email invite. Guests who accept the invite can use the app to post pictures that they snap to the huddle you created. They can keep each particular picture public or private.

Ultimately, all public pictures are combined in a collective album that you, the creator of the huddle, can curate. Every guest has access to the curated album and can share it with anyone.

The Challenge

As per the initial requirements provided by the client, he need an application just to have an option for creating and sharing events via email. As a team who is capable and experienced in working on social media applications we comes up with multiple solution to make the app to a next level success on their initial stage itself. The core challenge we faced was the time constraints on the development.  The estimated time frame for the project was only 30 days and we put our maximum effort with multiple resources worked day and night to make this project a success. We delivered the project in 30 days with an effort of 950 man hours including, ios android, backend and testing hours.

The Process

This app was developed by a dedicated team using Agile methodology.

Collaboration and Communication

Project collaboration was done using Trello board. All project communication was done using email and Skype.

Technology Stack

The app has been developed with MVC architecture. Objective C and Core Java with Android kit is being used for developing the application. The backend is handled in Ruby on Rails framework.

The Result

Working closely with the client we designed a neat and  user friendly interface. On the initial stage the app was just to create an event based module where user can create events and share it. On our closer interaction with client ideas and concepts along with our expertise in social media applications, the app concept transformed to something that shares the feature of event app as well as an option to share the memories of the events on the same.  



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