A leading specialty retail company that operates multiple brands was relying heavily on websites for their online business. But now they need to reach out to more customers, build brand equity and generate revenue through mobile apps. Our team was selected by the company to help deliver and ensure high-performing mobile apps.

The Challenge

Building a e-commerce mobile app is challenging in itself. Over and above this our team faced several other challenges like

  • Loading speed and data consumption optimization
  • Database migration to AWS server
  • Data Security
  • Multi-Vendor Solution

Our main objective was to develop a mobile web store solution in native iOS platforms. We were asked to add new features like wishlist, events details etc., which are not available on the website. We had to migrate the database to new AWS server and optimise speed and response time of server and API calls

The Process

In order to solve the objectives for the mobile application and to deliver a mobile web store solution, our team designed, developed, tested and deployed the mobile application for iOS mobile phones and iPads. We also added some additional features like a wish list which was not available on the website.

Build the schema

The structure of a database is defined by a schema. So, our primary step in moving databases from one platform to another is to convert the schemas in order that the structure of the info works with the new database. We have created the database tables and defined any necessary programming code like stored procedures and database triggers. We made sure the existing website is not affected by the schema changes.

Load the info

After we completed all the initial requirements, we had to actually move the info. This involved scripting using an ETL tool. During the migration, we transformed the info, normalized data types and checked for errors. For the application not to go down even for a second, we conducted an ongoing data capture. During this step, our team performed repeating tests within the destination system to validate the performance.

Validate and Repair Data

Once we moved the info, validation of data was required to analyze if the info was moved correctly. In this step, we did a random testing which was user-driven to make sure that the destination system is in compliance with the source database. Then, we did a computer-driven testing for data accuracy analysis.

API Optimisation

Thumb rule is to reduce the number of API calls. By reducing the number of API’s we can reduce the data consumption, hence less power is required. We’ve also reduced the content of response so that API responses become much more optimized and the app could work seamlessly.

Database updates

We had to make a major change in the database to implement a multi-vendor system to the existing database structure. We implemented ample optimization and normalization to achieve the system working smoothly even after new changes were added in the database structure.

Configure AWS for data security

Data protection can take many forms like backup, high availability, long term storage. We configured AWS services with custom keys to ensure the protection of user data. These keys and usage policies are stored on a highly encrypted storage provided by AWS.

Technologies Used:

Python – Django
AWS services
Apache Solr
iOS, Swift & Zendesk

The Result

The result was a highly optimized and smooth running mobile application, that can be used by existing users and new users too. The new update enabled vendors to register into the system and sell their products.

In the mobile app, users can now ask questions about products to sellers and rate the sellers. This has enabled new users to come into the system and this in turn helped our client expand their user base and profit.


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