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  • Dating Application Solution

In the modern world, people are looking for partners that whom they can share interests. With so many dating apps available on the internet, it is difficult to choose which one to use. If you want your app to be successful, you will need to create a solution that meets the needs of your users. Your app must-have features that make it easy for users to find matches and connect with each other. You should also provide helpful resources such as advice articles or chat rooms so users can discuss topics relevant to their interests. Today with the enhancement of mobile application development, the world of chatting and dating is also drastically changed especially applications like Tinder, Bumble,, etc. even Facebook has an app. We have seen this and we saw their clones in different names following the path of the dating app techs. iLeaf with a team of talented engineers had developed numerous apps similar to tinder itself, so we decided to develop a unique dating application that has all these elements but builds on the idea of the word trust, yes dating app allows a user to date with many people at the same time we thought there are people who believe in one relationship at a time and people who take relationship very serious so it’s our responsibility to give them that trust with our application.

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The Challenge

The challenge of this application is to promote it as another dating application because there are many in the market so not only with our unique idea we cannot catch the world’s attention, but we have to build a reliable, secure dating application that is fun to use too. The Objectives Eye-Catching User Interface which is user-friendly too Secure private chat system Build a matching algorithm Biometric authentication for the entire application

iLeaf's Process


We discuss to ensure that we have the exact idea of what is required


There's regular interaction with the client to ensure things are on track


Begins according to the needs of our client


The final output will be a perfect match to our clients requirement

Our Solution In order to solve the objectives for the mobile application, our team decided to build it on native iOS and Android. We focused on design to provide a user-friendly experience to the users. To accomplish that the application must be rapid in loading and it must be very smooth to gain more traffic to the application. Eye-Catching User Interface: The user interface is the most important thing for this application to catch the user’s attention. So we want something to be unique from the design perspective. For that, we designed the application in a way the user can be guided so we introduced an assistant that will help the user to complete the registration process by encouraging them to add their photos. UI Library Developed: Developing an assistant will help the user to guide through the app but this was not enough so we developed our own library to add the colors to the User Interface and that really helped us to build an eye-catching user interface. We also published the library to the public and the library also received a warm response from developers all around the world. The library name is GradientAnimator which brings charm to our application. Secure private chat system: But building a solid UI is not sufficient since it’s a dating application chat functionality is something that cannot be avoided. So we decided to build a chat SDK from scratch that we developed for the application which makes the chat so quick and responsive. The chat system is highly secure and it offers all the latest features a chat app can do like send messages, send photos, videos, stickers, online and offline status with the last seen time, read receipt, etc. To build a matching algorithm: For every dating application, its quality is determined by the match or partner suggestions they propose to the user. So the matching algorithm is the key element to build this application. We developed an algorithm that is built on the basis of the user’s likes and interests and we provide the best match based on these interests of the user from our user database. The matched filter is based on the age group, distance, and gender Users can customize these filters and find their appropriate partner if the user like another user they can swipe to the right to add them to the like list, or they can swipe left to reject and these rejected profiles will never show up also provided ability to undo an action like accidentally swiped left or right. Once a user likes another user the other user should also like that user only then they are matched up. Once they match up the app restricts users to match up with other users so they can chat with their new partner and build a relationship on our application. Biometric authentication for the entire application: We are concerned for our user’s privacy so we provide a biometric authentication facility for the user to use the app. The user biometric authentication is required to access the application. Building a revenue to run the application: The application we built will be free to all users but at the same time, we need to find a way to collect the revenue so we introduced a reward system called Coins. The features we offer like Assistant, Biometric Authentication, Theme Selector, etc are unlocked with a certain number of coins which are earned by watching ads.

The Result

The App contains a tutorial guide for users to know the functionality of the application. The features that are included in the final product are-: Registration or Sign Up Creating a Profile Discovering People Matching Algorithms Chats Security Features Push Notifications Settings iLeaf has vast experience in creating dating apps on native and hybrid platforms. Also, due to pandemics, dating apps are more socially accepted than ever and if you have a worthy dating app idea we can guide and assist in developing a world-class application.

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