Why Flutter?

by Sharon Peter

on May 30, 2019

Flutter is Googles’ mobile UI framework for crafting high-quality native interfaces for mobile, web and desktop applications from a single codebase. Flutter is a free and open-source SDK and it uses Dart as the programming language which is also developed by Google. Its very easy to learn if one is familiar with JS, Kotlin, C#, Swift, Java. Flutter can also work with existing iOS or Android applications.

Key Features:

  • Flutter is built-in with two types of UI design specific widget namely Material Design and Cupertino Design (iOS style). It also supports rich motion APIs, smooth and natural scrolling feature and platform awareness.
  • Flutter is built using Dart, an object-oriented programming language, which includes production-quality compilers for both native machine code and JavaScript.This gives better performance since there is no JS bridge in the middle to execute and parse the code as in React Native.
  • The graphics library called Skia (which is also the graphics engine for Google Chrome) provides a set of common APIs. Flutter frameworks work faster which helps to develop efficient, less battery and CPU time-consuming apps.
  • It works simultaneously with the Android and iOS SDK, which also means you still need a macOS machine to build for iOS.
  • Easy to build complex UI Designs and gives a native design feel with the help of a design widget. You can draw the UI from scratch on the screen canvas.
  • Flutter can extend with third-party libraries to add new custom drawn UI components, besides built-in classes that don’t cover the feature.
  • Flutter is relatively easy to write platform-specific code by checking  Platform.isIOS” and “Platform.isAndroid”.
  • Building apps are easy in Flutter with any text editor and the flutter command. However, the recommended approach is to begin with the editor that supports flutter plugin which includes Android Studio, VS Code or Intel J.
  • One of the inevitable features of Flutter is that it is fast, stateful hot reload. You can make changes to a Flutter app while it is running and it will refresh the app’s within seconds.


Flutter is becoming a competitor to React Native as well as native app development. It also gives a little time for the quality assurance process as it runs on a single code base. The app’s UI supports all the devices and there is no additional cost for older device support. Flutter is a good idea to build cross-platform applications. However, it is not recommended for small-sized projects, apps communicating to other hardware via Bluetooth and apps demanding rare libraries.

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