The Next Digital Frontier – Wearable App Development

by Arun Kumar

on April 6, 2018

The popularity of apps is no longer limited to the traditional platforms of smartphone and tablets. As the wearable smart device market doesn’t seem that it will stop growing anytime soon, wearable apps are proliferating everywhere. The importance and their place in future cannot be ignored anymore. Our wearable app development company recognizes the influence of wearable technology in the future.

The market for wearable devices is an uncharted territory with a huge potential for growth, if not even more than the smartphone market, but the ability for wearables to be a standalone gadget is still debatable. As revenues from these wearables neared almost $28 Billion in 2016 and this number expected to rise to $34 Billion by 2020, this presents a great opportunity for both individuals and businesses alike. The integral driver for the wearable tech market will be the applications which will fuel these gadgets to their maximum potential, these apps are nowadays popularly referred to as ‘Wearable Apps’. Unlike the existing mobile applications, wearable apps can carry out functions that are a lot more practical due to their wearable nature. Our wearable app development services make sure that your business is future ready.

What are Wearable Apps?

Before jumping into wearable apps, let’s see what is wearable technology, wearable Technology is a category of electronic devices which are typically worn by the user either directly as an accessory or as a part of other materials like clothing. These devices can further connect to the internet directly or via a smartphone to perform specific tasks and functions.

Wearables Apps generally have the access to multiple device hardware such as sensors, camera, and receivers etc. They collect and track data from the smartphone’s hardware or vice versa to produce a desired output. Activity trackers have changed the how the average user views and use wearable apps. While not as capable or aesthetic as digital watches, the simple strap has given people how wearables could change how we interact with technology. Contact us for to know more how we can help your business to be wearable technology ready.

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The business Journey

As the number of wearables sold increases, big opportunities are ready for app developers to take advantage on, just like they did on the smartphone platform. The landscape of mobile app development has given us treasures like WhatsApp and Instagram for example. As far as wearables are concerned, challenges are ready such as battery life, UI/UX design, and of course the influence of wearable app in the future. Some of the wearable technology examples which have been accepted by the masses are

Fitness Trackers

A combination of device or application which monitors and tracks the fitness-related metrics of a user, the metric covered are distance walked or run, calorie consumption, and in most recent iterations even heartbeat, quality and depth of sleep.

Smart Watches

A product where we have seen both giants and newcomers fighting on a level playing field. Smartwatches often offer functionalities such as reply to messages, book tickets, voice search and other quick functions.

Virtual Reality App Development

Head-Mounted Display(VR)

A mix of  VR and wearable technology,  Head-mounted displays have greatly influenced gaming, aviation, medical and engineering.


While Implantable devices have been used for ages, the new generation of these implantables have better and more features and are much more accurate when it comes to medical implants such as pacemakers and defibrillators.


The wearable app market is growing at a rate where it will soon be seen as a must-have complementary gadget to existing devices such as smartphones and tablets. Wearables are also trying to make their individual presence felt by making themselves more battery efficient, usable and reliable. As wearable gadgets are coming up with features and functionalities not found in present breed of smartphones nowadays, their popularity and their usability are growing by the day. This is an industry in the making which has a lot of potential for path-breaking for ideas and developers and of course lots of money to be made.

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