Leverage the power of iBeacon to your iOS apps

by ileafadmin

on November 22, 2017

iBeacon is a technology developed by Apple that helps businesses engage more effectively with potential customers on a real-world.

What is iBeacon and how does it make an impact?

iBeacon utilizes the Bluetooth low energy technology to establish a seamless connection with your Customer’s smartphone. Indoor positioning and iBeacon compliment each other to provide more accurate and efficient location awareness indoor when compared to any other technologies out there like GPS, Cellular triangulation, or wifi. iBeacons can tell the application whether the Customer has entered its region, far zone, near zone or is in the immediate zone.

The beacons are available as small sticker tags powered by coin size battery that can broadcast the signals to the smartphones. You can stick these iBeacons to the walls or to objects.

Create contexts around the messages and deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time. This is the key success criterion. However, if this fails the customer is annoyed and if it succeeds the customers are delighted.

Using the customers’ location awareness your iPhone/ iPad apps can have a rich digital interaction in the form of location-based marketing campaigns, enabling contactless payments, and performing customer in-shop analytics. Domains including retail, healthcare, logistics, fitness centers, event venues, museums, and much more are utilizing this technology.

iBeacon has the capability to ensure a reliable and consistent experience for customers. For more information about deploying devices read Getting Started with iBeacon .




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