Impact of AI on Mobile App Development

by Ajesh Joy

on October 26, 2017

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is very well known and globally appreciated innovation that has opened the door to new era of technology and thus introducing us to the whole new dimension of human-machine interaction. Many tech giants like Google are betting lot of money in AI,  who believes that  AI is the future of the tech world. With the introduction of  self-driving car, Google has shown us a glimpse of AI driven future.

What is AI?

We had been hearing about AI since a while but what is “AI” actually. Artificial intelligence refers to the machine or computer that is able to solve the problem or task done by humans using natural intelligence. The algorithms and technology is synchronized in such a way that it assists the humans with normal intelligence to perform a simple task without giving an order.

In terms of mobile applications, AI provides a high-level assistance to the user. AI is used by the companies in their app to deeply engage and ultimately retain their user.

Impact of AI on Mobile Application Development and Marketing

  • AI technology when combined with mobile applicatios, it results in amazing assistance to the user in many ways. With the basic functionality of the app, AI provides additional features to the user, by collecting and storing different data from the user by analyzing the behavior based on how, why and when the user uses the app.
  • Information like user’s location, recent contacts, times of interaction with the apps and daily behavior taken by the AI is analyzed and utilizes it to serve the user with better and specific assistance every time.
  • With the recent evolution in technology and consistent change in user demand, AI is chosen as the best and most reliable tool to enrich the app in every aspect. Retail Giants like Amazon and eBay have proven the importance and strength of AI embedded apps.
  • Learning- driven app uses the algorithm which collects all the information of the user on daily basis. Then it utilizes the important details to show or push the user oriented contents regularly, which ultimately benefits the business. This also enhance the advertising, only  the content regarding the regular searched  products will be notified.

This powerful combination of mobile app and AI will change the face of technology in the days to come. The increasing use of AI in mobile app development have proven how essential it is for business growth and user engagement. Siri from Apple, Google assistance, and Cortana from Microsoft are good examples using AI  allowing the world to get a sneak peak from future.

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