iLeaf  Solutions – A Top Rated App Developer by Clutch 

by ileafadmin

on July 10, 2018

Our Dedicated Team Model (DTM) provides cost-efficient service to global clients around the clock. This model leverages the immense knowledge and experience of our certified developers to offer full-time support and transparency. Our clients love the work we do, and ultimately their satisfaction and success is paramount. That being said, we are always on the look-out for another way to judge success in a nuanced industry.

Luckily, the B2B ratings and review agency, Clutch, fulfills exactly that market gap by compiling representative case studies, client testimonials, and objective quantitative data. Based in Washington, D.C., the eminent ratings agency’s market insights have contributed to countless improved interactions between small and medium-sized companies.
What’s more, their ratings provide an excellent view of top-performing businesses in a range of sectors and industries. We were fortunate enough to have recently been ranked a top app developer in India! That distinction comes to us partially from the candid and congratulatory reviews our clients revealed to Clutch analysts during interviews. Additionally, Clutch’s sister website, The Manifest, has ranked us among their top app developers in India for 2018.

Chris Yates, founder of Awhian Ltd, complimented the working process at iLeaf in a Clutch review:

“They streamlined a work model that keeps us connected. Their workflow is flexible, and they are willing to explore new options if necessary. They are a big company that does not stay stuck in a rut or a single-track process. Their team members are not afraid to ask for help from one another, which yields the best possible results.”

The Manager at Flexi Cash AS & Timekiosk AS praised the iLeaf standard of conduct:

 “iLeaf is very forthcoming, helpful, and has a well-structured business approach. All these strengths make it very easy to work with them.”

Created at Infopark in Kochi, iLeaf combines the algorithmic thinking of technological masterminds with the free-flowing creativity of artists. As a result of our unique working style, we have won global clients of every size. With experience in creating apps from e-learning to social networking to fitness, we can confidently take on any project. Now, with additional client feedback from Clutch, we can only continue to refine our process.

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