Design Changes in iOS 11

by Thomas Paul

on December 1, 2017

In iOS 11 Apple have introduced various new features and design changes which is quite impressive but same time some users found Inconsistencies in its designs also, In this version there are various changes made in UI as well as some new features also implemented by Apple.Now user will get enough space between apps icon and browser’s URL tab for clear view and better user experience, in this update users will see changes in Headers, title Names etc.

The points given below will show you the changes made in iOS 11 designs

  • Lock Screen and Notification-At beginning in lock screen Apple have made changes in Splash screen, they have merged the Lockscreen and Notification Center to be one thing. So, when you’re on the Lock Screen, you’ll see notifications you got when your phone was locked.

  • Unlock screen-In this new version When a user presses the Home button then the Lock Screen, slides up and the Home Screen will appear.

  • Home Screen-There are few changes made by Apple on Home screen. If we notice there is new wallpaper along with new icons on status bar. Another difference is the name of apps and folders on the dock will not appear now.

  • Smart Siri-Apple have made changes in Siri’s appearance. In this update we can see multiple answers by Siri instead of just one in previous version.In this all the texts are now aligned to left and the size of text are bigger in size now along with this in this new version of iOS you will see an edit button also to edit the question which you have asked to Siri.

  • App Store-When we look at App Store we will see a big change in app Store is “Today’s” section which appears very first when a user opens app store and this feature is no more available on desktop version of iTunes.The second difference between both versions is, in this new version Now user will be able to see bigger images and less information.

  • Calculator-In iOS 11 the design of calculator is totally changed, in this we can see the circular shaped keypad which is totally different from the calculator of previous version.

  • Settings Screen-In this newly launched update if we see settings screen then we will notice a change in headers in top Navigation bar, Now the headers are bigger in size as compared to previous versions.

  • Network icon design in Status Bar-In previous version of iOS, the network signal icon was five dots but now in iOS 11 it is changed to Bars.

  • Storage Management-In storage management screen the first change we will see is the Title Name, in previous version the title name was “Storage an iCloud usage” but in new version it is changed to “iPhone Storage” after this we will see a list which will show the storage consumed by the applications installed in device along with the date of last used.

  • Calendar-In the new calendar the headers of the date are darker (Bold) along with this the header of months are also in bold and not in caps (Capital Letters) as appeared in previous version and the year also looks different, Different as bold and colored.

  • Safari Browser-In Safari browser now, we can see little bit difference in URL bar, the size of URL bar is increased and now it appears bigger than the URL bar of previous versions Safari browser.

  • iMessage-In this version we can see a very new look of the iMessage app drawer. They’ll now appear at the bottom of a chat.Now users will have to Tap and hold to expand them and Swiping horizontally user will be able to scroll it to view more icon and by Tapping the app icon user will be able to open it.

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