How to build an App like Zomato?

by Ajesh Joy

on December 26, 2017

Zomoto as we all know is an awesome restaurant Guide App with over 17 million users. Well, all this did not haen overnight.The product was launched as a minimal viable product – allowing users to just find nearby restaurants at various locations and look at photos and menus. Gradually though, the mobile app grew into an exceptional social food community that has a much higher level of user engagement loaded with pioneering features including area-based food and dining suggestions, various user-centric search functionality, top-notch review and rating features, bundles of food collections, and multiple food delivery options etc. Let’s take a look at the key modules of app that you could see in five various facets of a solution.

  • Web app and Web service
  • On-demand and on-time Food Delivery App
  • Food chains and Restaurant Finder with Locator functionality
  • Gamified Social Networking App
  • Restaurant and Food Business app

Zomato includes below mentioned key functionalities and modules.

Social Media Component

By allowing users to flawlessly integrate their social networking accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+), Zomato let them create an exceptional user profile, thus allowing them to be a part of a complete organization and community of food lovers and easily connect with each other to discover their choices and recommendations to easily share their likings and favorites. This component has not just proved to be an aggregator but a complete social metrics that is playing a key role in making it user-centric

Search Feature and Functionality

Zomato offers a complete and intensively organized feature-packed and categorically- rich search filters and multi-level hierarchy. That means a user can look for the places based on the likings, location, cuisine, facilities, offers and various other factors, which could further combine with the other search criteria and factors. Besides the major search criteria including rating, distance, availability, popularity and cost here are a few other sorting categories that will allow users to exactly get the result they are looking for with the below mentioned key searches:

  • Delivery
  • Pure Veg.
  • Buffets
  • Luxury dining
  • Bakeries
  • Cafes
  • Night-life
  • Outdoor Seating
  • High-rated
  • Hot and most searched places
  • Open now
  • 24/7 service
  • Wi-Fi
  • Debit & Credit Cards

If you are looking to build a reception and layout similar to Zomato, you would require having all these below mentioned elements on your main screen:

  • Nearby restaurants and food-chains based on your location or Area
  • Search area, restaurants, cuisine etc.
  • Order food online from nearby restaurants and food-chains
  • Trending categories or venues
  • Food bookmarks and landmarks
  • In-App suggestions and popular venues in various categories
  • Local User and connections’ feeds
  • Quick searches based on the categories of Lunch, Dinner, Delivery, Cafes and Breakfast, etc.
  • Collections – Crafted list of suggested venues, saved and suggested places
  • “My account” Tab with Order history and favorite orders etc.

Out of the above mentioned features, restaurant listing and ratings/reviews are the key elements of the mobile app. It allows users to easily check photos, menu, expert reviews and nearby suggestions based on the searches and locations from the various sorted categories. Here’s how the information is trending and details are displayed to end-users:

  • Native Calling
  • Header Image/Photo Slider
  • Listing details
  • Bookmark and Check-in Buttons
  • Like, Comment & Share
  • Opening and Closing Hours
  • Ordering Food online
  • Menu scans
  • Address, Maps & Directions
  • Add photos and images
  • Reviews with a button to submit your reviews & ratings
  • Create a collection

Key components of the app for Gamification:

  • Scores, levels and Points
  • Achievements, accomplishments & verified user
  • Checkpoints
  • Rewards, Recognitions & Reputation
  • Maps, Location & Expert chat
  • Questions, Queries & Competition
  • Group or community of users

So, if you are looking to develop a mobile app like Zomato first thing that you need to do is arrange all the listing data and wisely draw a digital road-map for your solution. And this could be done by either you or with the help of exceptional domain experts. Once you are done with the primary research, next you need to connect with a proficient team of mobile app developers who has expertise and experience working on such ground-breaking applications. Next check their portfolio and get the details of restaurant app development to shortlist the one who fits your criteria and bill the best.

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