10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Developing an App for Your Business

by Ajesh Joy

on September 26, 2017

A good mobile app helps you to scale your business to the next level. It will also help you in getting new customers as well as keep your existing ones engaged. You can either hire in-house developers or outsource it to a good development team, but, before you do so, there are a few questions you need to answer, to make sure, how good the mobile app would serve you to achieve your business goals.

1. Do you have a release schedule? 

You need to ask yourself if your App would be having more than one releases. If you are planning to release your app on multiple platforms, do you want them to be launched at the same time?

2. What assumptions are you making? 

Are you making your own assumptions about the market demand or have you really researched and validated the concept? Do you really need a full-featured App or an MVP would serve you well to test it out in the real market? Do you expect that you will be paying for the cost of server hosting? These assumptions and questions are a few points that you and your software developers need to be aware of.

3. Have you created a product backlog?

A backlog is a place where the functional and nonfunctional requirements of the app are defined and prioritized. What are your app’s core features? Every feature within the app needs to be associated with these functional and nonfunctional requirements. You may get unexpected results on a negative note in case the development is left in between and lacks requirements. For example, you would not give a contractor a task of remodeling a kitchen without giving them your basic requirements. Without giving basic requirements, you might end up with the wrong results and hence end up with losses.

4. Have you figured out best technologies for implementation or consulted experts about it? 

Every software implementation needs to have a defined set of technologies in its stack and those are directly or indirectly associated with the concept, performance, future demand and the budget. You need to have good idea why your developer is choosing specific technology or is there any other alternative technology to optimize business key factors?

5. Have you evaluated and identified the potential competition of your app?

If the evaluation work has been done what are the steps you plan to take to find the competition for your app? How are you going to use the evaluation into your project plan to get better results?

6. Will your app have a cost associated with it? 

You need to know and be clear about your monetization strategy and how you would implement it? Would download the app cost money? Would the app need a subscription to be used? Would it have an in-app advertising? Would the app have features that can be unlocked by paying money? How would you use the in-app purchases? Would it be for physical or virtual goods? These are some questions to be necessarily asked to analyze the cost-effectiveness of your own app.

7. What will make this app a success in the eyes of the stakeholders? 

There may be many criteria of an app to be successful. The analytical need should be incorporated into the app to help in measuring the success an app. Increase in a number of users or an increase in orders can be the criteria. The criteria for judging the app success should be measurable but it can be a difficult task too.

8. Do you have a budget to estimate?

It can be difficult to calculate the cost of an app development because of different requirements and variables to be considered for different products and services. You need to have a budget to allow a developer to work, keeping in mind your variables and requirements of the products and services you are offering in the app. Based on your budget the developers can help you highlight minimal features and allow you to get most important items finished first. For developing an app for your business it is very important and helpful to create a range and budget for the same.

9. Who are your target users? 

A few questions regarding the users are very compulsory to be answered. Some of them are- What problems does the app solve for the users? Does the mobile solution give a better alternative to solve the user’s problem? When the users surf the app what kind of reviews are you expecting? What platforms and devices do they use? Is it possible to do research about the users before designing or developing the app? How will the app reach the users?

10. What are your dependencies before starting your work? 

Writing a privacy policy for your app is a dependency. The privacy policy should be complete before it is implemented.

Before you decide to develop and launch an app for your business it is very important for you to have the decisive answers for these questions to make your App a successful one.

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