Augmented Reality Based Solutions For The Service Industry


Error is not an option when you are a Service Provider. The price such industries would have to pay for a simple error could be high. Service Industries have to take maximum care to ensure that their services are error-free. As the necessity of a particular service arises, so does the requirement for its quality. Such industries are always in search of methods to improve their quality of service, thus making their customers happy.

This is where modern technology Augmented Reality plays a vital role. Technology has helped make everything advanced. Be it a little toy or a huge airplane. Modern technologies like Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc, only further enhance the outcome of their use.

When Augmented Reality meets the Service Industry…Our story

A client of iLeaf Solutions who has made their mark in the service industry approached us for a solution to their problem with pipes. The client specializes in the service sector for water and sewage pipe connections. The company had already used the help of technology to ease their work. They had the complete set of pipelines and their connections with their Geo-coordinates already added to an online database. This lets the workers of the company track down the faulty pipelines using the maps. So in short, the navigation process to the pipes was made easy for the workers.

Our challenge was to find out the faulty pipe from the hundreds of existing pipes. The existing system of the company only showed them the location of the pipe. What we needed to do was to show the exact faulty pipe. For this, our team decided to use Augmented Reality. With the inclusion of AR into the app, the worker has to just open the camera and point it to the wall where the concealed pipes are located. The faulty pipes would be highlighted in a real-time manner. This helped the work find out the issue with pipelines much faster thus reducing the work time.

It was a really exciting project for the team. Using AR in apps that help to solve such complex issues was the highlight of the whole project.