10 Reasons Why You Should Invest in an e-Commerce Mobile Application to Boost Your Business.


Now it does not matter if you are a greenhorn to the field of business or a startup with a revolutionary product or service to boot or even a successful local business owner who wishes to cast a wider net to rake in more potential clients and buyers. We, at ILeaf Solutions, are here to give you an idea as to why you need to consider investing in an e-Commerce mobile application to boost your business.

To understand better what we are trying to say and where we are coming from and more importantly what we are getting at. Let’s break it down for you. Commerce is simply the conduct of trade among economic agents and in a general sense, it refers to the exchange of goods, services, or essentially something or anything of value between businesses or individual entities. E-Commerce is taking your everyday common retail store and substituting it for one that is digital.

Quite simply put, a business that has an e-Commerce feature that also provides its customers with an option of running their business transactions online and over the internet thus creating a virtual presence.

We live in the internet era and the rise of potential customers who are ready to explore and engage in virtual transactions has resulted in the rapid evolution and development of e-Commerce; opening newer avenues for business growth and expansion coupled with a smoother customer experience and service which has, in turn, generated newer trends; especially when we take a look at the shopping behaviors of buyers and sellers alike. As such it has seen the industry of e-Commerce App Development boom in the last couple of years.

Mobile apps have provided many enterprises with the digital capability of meeting customer demands, especially in our current smartphone-driven market, and hence it’s safe to say that it has revolutionized the entire E-Commerce ecosystem and completely changed the game all the while upping the ante. As one of the leading mobile app development companies in the market with expertise in native and hybrid app development; ILeaf Solutions has come up with a flexible and versatile solution for almost any type of E-Commerce. The White Label E-Commerce Solution that we have developed quite recently is a very good example of how a single efficient solution can cater to various problems that are prevalent in today’s online virtual marketplace. The White Label E-Commerce Solution is a ready-to-use E-Commerce web and mobile application that can be uniquely crafted and customized to accommodate the specific needs and wants of various clients without compromising on the efficiency and quality of the finished product. Now let’s take a much closer look at how an E-Commerce Mobile Application can completely transform your business.



1. Brand Recognition

From the standpoint of any decent Public Relations Specialist, would agree that Branding and Brand Recognition are perhaps a couple of the most important ways an e-Commerce mobile application can help in garnering potential clients and customers while simultaneously increasing the popularity of your business as an app for all its worth, it can also act as a mini-advertising opportunity that can effectively target an audience.


2. Increasing Conversion Rates

Now any good business with a virtual presence would be aware that when dealing with electronic commerce or electronic marketing; we need to effectively convert casual visitors into paying customers. This is called conversion marketing and simultaneously the process of improving this rate of conversion of visitors into clients is known as conversion rate optimization. And this my friend is exactly what an E-Commerce mobile application can do better than its online website counterpart by using tactics to motivate sales such as: – Allowing the client or customer to make wish lists of all their favorite products to be purchased later. – Or even adding features of push notifications that alert the smartphone user about any ongoing or upcoming discounts, offers, deals, etc. Such simple tactics have proven highly effective in increasing sales due to an increase in conversion rates and simultaneously this will lead to a drastic increase in company revenue.


3. Direct B2C Platform

Perhaps one of the most game-changing aspects of an e-Commerce mobile application is its ability to provide its users with an almost unending virtual retail experience that is convenient to use no matter what the situation may be. Exclusive offers, deals, and discounts for such app users can also greatly build a strong sense and consistent connection between a business and its customer.

4. Boost Brand Loyalty and Consumer Loyalty

If the above three points have proved anything, its that here just at your fingertips with the help of mobile e-Commerce apps, businesses can present their buyers with the ultimate immersive virtual shopping experience that has been tailor-made to their unique specifications, interests, behavior, locations, etc., of your customers thus both directly as well as indirectly helping your customer fall in love with the app and henceforth it promotes the feeling and inclination of trust towards the business and brand and cultivates and fosters a sense of loyalty.


5. Data Collection and Analytic

With the technology available at our disposal and with the help of such mobile applications that specialize in e-Commerce; it is now possible for businesses to collect and track users’ information and all their related data such as age, sex, buying history, preferences, etc., to increase its features and its productivity by incorporating changes according to the changing scenario to specifically customize advertisements to target customers.



6. Customized Features and Enhanced Consumer Experience

As we had mentioned above the collection of data by e-Commerce mobile applications has helped customers worldwide enjoy tailor-made experiences whilst shopping online especially since it is now feasible to incorporate new revolutionary technologies such as AI or Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, and even Virtual Reality on an app to provide an optimal shopping experience for your clients which safe to say gives a huge boost to sales.

7. Increased Efficiency and Revenue

Picture this for a moment, an app on your smartphone with the appropriate idea and functionality brings about an increased client acquisition wherein increased consumer traffic will hereby result in increased orders or sales which in turn generates increased revenue. It’s a fairly common practice for businesses to use the push notification feature to persuade their clients and inspire them to place urgent orders. In such an aspect, mobile applications are seen as more user-friendly and controllable as compared to desktop applications or their online website counterparts.

8. Reduced Rates of Cart Abandonment

For those who are not quite familiar with this term; it probably just causes nobody ever stops to think about it or its ramifications upon the business or enterprise during a potential e-Commerce transaction, but let us assure you that at some level, be it knowingly or simply due to ignorance, we have all been guilty of it ourselves. Still, confused? OK. Give us a chance to break this down for you so that you will be able to wrap your mind around this concept and hopefully that will stop you from making this mistake ever again but rather more importantly we hope to make you realize how significant a factor to your business something so minor actually is and why it must not ever be overlooked. Cart Abandonment is simply when a user on an e-Commerce site adds a product onto their online shopping cart but for various reasons wherein they are not ready to buy the product and in turn, do not proceed to checkout to complete their purchase. And if you have your E-Commerce site then this phenomenon is preventing your business from reaching more people and also in turn significantly hampering your sales.

9. Time Saving and User Friendly

Love it or hate it, but we can’t deny it; ‘Time is Money, and in the fast-paced modern-day world we live anything and everything that simplifies their work and saves them time in the process is always appreciated. And two of the most important factors that e-Commerce mobile apps are proud of are their convenience as well as their reduced complexity and increased interactivity. And quicker loading applications that process data faster than websites make for happier customers while delivering a smooth purchasing experience and saving them time.

10. Multi-layer Security Plan

Finally, perhaps the most overlooked and underrated feature of e-Commerce mobile applications are their Multi-layer security features that prioritize the security of each user’s data as well as any sensitive online payment information. Mobile applications in comparison to websites are highly secure and minimize the risk of cyberattacks that could jeopardize customer trust.

In conclusion, these ten points help businesses with e-commerce apps not only stay afloat but rather expand in this highly competitive market by enhancing customer engagement and reaching out strategically to your target audience thus creating a strong clientele and boosting revenue.